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Common troubles of startups with mobile app development

With the rising demand of mobile applications, the number of Mobile App Development Company is increasing too and they are helping small and large businesses achieve new heights by applying their knowledge and experience in respective niches. 

Common troubles of startups with mobile app development

Thursday October 26, 2017,

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With the rising demand of mobile applications, the number of mobile app development company  is increasing too and they are helping small and large businesses achieve new heights by applying their knowledge and experience in respective niches. There are certain problems which are commonly faced by startups while getting apps developed. Like the hurdles faced by them during initial stages, despite of efforts made by the firm, certain troubles still remain before they are deployed to app store. Let us look at to these hurdles which if not approached correctly may lead to app failure.


Highly Competitive Market

Whether it is a mobile or web app launch, it is natural that competition will exist. Millions of apps already exist on app and play store and yours will have to survive stiff competition. It is the initial challenge to be faced by every start-up and this hurdle is required to be removed first by answering three simple questions:

1. Which problem is solved by your app?

2. Is your app up to the needs of users?

3. What makes your app recommended?

Promoting your app in the language understood by users is a way you can overcome this.

Budget Issues

Investment in app is the biggest issue for startups. Thousands of dollars are spent by large companies and even if half of this budget is considered for small businesses, still it might be high cost for them. Until it gets on track and starts earning revenue, it is an investment risk and hence finding an investor is initially vital. If your app idea is strong, you may find contributor soon.

Compatibility with Devices

It is difficult for startups to decide which device must be chosen for development. If target audience is specific, iPhone Application Development or android application development  can be initiated but if one don’t want to go platform specific. Hybrid Application Development can also be carried out. Also the budget and maintenance will be different for different platforms and devices.


It isn’t only a major part of designing but also an important factor for improving user experience. A simple and easily navigating design is always recommended. It might happen that perfect navigation menu from developer’s end might be confusing from user’s end and even if it is hard to believe, it affects the number of downloads too. One can include tutorial or helpful instructions for solving navigation issues.

Development Approaches

The development approach adopted by Mobile App Development Company plays an important role. Different frameworks employ different strategies and hence precise research must be carried out with the company regarding the possible pros and cons of the selected approach prior to development.

App Performance and Battery Life

Every app development is initiated with a purpose of providing targeted benefits and is totally bug-free and carrying out its tasks efficiently without consuming much battery. Rigorous testing must be carried out at every stage of development instead of at the time of final testing so that it does not become a headache at later stage.

App Promotion

One must plan for app promotion along with investing in development as until and unless the app is not promoted. Budget should be spared for app marketing too to make users aware of what interesting stuff you have for them.


Like people approach one of the best SEO company  for website, ASO must be watched out for mobile apps. It makes your app discoverable and plays a vital role for its success by reaching thousands of devices easily. Making right keyword choice makes your app reachable to wider target audience.

Launch Time

Never ever rush while app launch and especially when there are unresolved bugs and issues as they will invite negative reviews early. This does not mean you should wait for long and keep your app a suspense launch. The middle way out is considering alpha and beta testing for launching the app in stages and following ‘polish before publish’ rule.

Hurdles are but obviously going to be present in whichever task we do but they should not stop us on emphasizing our efforts for mobile app development, we just need to be careful.