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How to create a blog for small businesses

These are step you should take in creating a great blog that will engage audience, at the same time drive profit-line for small business.

Sunday September 24, 2017,

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Ever thought of blogging for small business in order to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, or to show more in search results for relevant keywords? 

How to create a blog for small businesses will help you start your business blog by identifying the purpose of your blog, how your business blog will be of help to target audience and content/topic ideas you will publish consistently over time. .

You should choose topic ideas that will help your business blog fulfill the business objectives that are critical to the success of your business at the moment. .

Target Audience: Critical to the success of a blog for small business is the knowledge of whom the blog posts are for. Like every other marketing campaign that is big on defining the target audience, you must outline the market segment you want to attract and engage with business blog.

At different stages in the marketing journey, your audience will be casual web visitors, regular readers on your website, leads who are interested in your offer but are still considering, and existing customers who find reasons to keep up with your business.

Having highlighted different audience types you have on your blog, you choose which of them each blog post is for. When you write with a particular set of people in mind, you are able to better hit the nail on the head.

Content PillarsCall them topic ideas for a blog for small business, you are right. What matters here is that you build your blog around content ideas that you can tie your business.

When choosing content ideas your business should blog about, think of how you can educate your target audience. This will open your eyes to topics surrounding your business or market that audience will be grateful to know about.

Blog posts for small business don’t have to be too serious all the time. You could include entertaining content types, as well as informative content that will keep your audience up-to-date always.

Blogging StrategyYou will need to have a strategy around your business blog too. For the sake of consistency, schedule when to plan, publish and promote your blog posts.

Influencer Marketing: For your content not remain docile on your business blog, you will need to find influencers on popular blogs and social media that can ‘mess with’ your content.

There are different ways to interact with influencers but building relationships with them first works best, before you ask them to help spread your content.

Guest PostingSeek guest posting opportunities on bigger platforms so you can build quality backlinks to your and expose your business to a large audience via content.

Source: How to Create a Blog for Small Business.

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