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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

StartUp, entrepreneurship and leadership

Success and money is hard to handle. A leader is one who not only creates a team but a family

Wednesday April 05, 2017,

3 min Read

1. Make Leaders, Not Employees

A true leader is one who creates leaders. Always urge your employees to take initiatives like a leader. Offering A leadership path to them will make a good positive impact. Avoid using words like 'my employees' rather than use 'my colleagues'.

2. Always Keep your Words

Whatever you commit to your employees, it shows them their worth to company & you. Never commit something which you are not willing to fulfil or not sure to fulfil. Being a leader, when you will not be able to fulfil your commitment, it will create negative image among your followers.

3. Follow rules

A big impact of leader towards his subordinates is to create a benchmark for his followers. And it is worth only if you yourself follow rules. The one who doesn't follow rules and expect his followers to follow those rules will never achieve success.

4. 'Let's do it' attitude

The one who always commands their followers to do something will never produce a happy team. Best quality of a successful leader is to come out with a 'Lets Do It' spirit.

5. Never try to dominate

A true leader earns people, not money. Building your successful team is one of the biggest achievements of your preneurship journey. And the reason behind that successful team is just because you never try to be too bossy over them, you work with your team as their colleague and not just all the time ordering and controlling them. This attitude is likely to engender loyalty and make subordinates feel empowered.

6. Do not engage followers for official tasks during off-time

Connecting with followers during their off-time creates negative image of a leader. A leader is suppose to engage their follower during off-time only for Happy Hours/Entertainment purpose.

7. Heavily support Intra-preneurship

People with great mindset initiate new plans, always try to do something out of the box and for implementation of their ideas, they need their leader to approve this. A true leader always supports his/her followers for their Intra-preneurship spirit. This creates a sense of satisfaction for the employee and in turn develops a healthy and growth oriented culture for the organisation and credit goes to Leader.

8. Be full of empathy

A leader should try to put themselves in another person’s shoes to see things from a their team's perspective, It will not only help a leader to understand situations from their member's views but also it will help them to solve any major problem.

9. Push employees to get refreshed

These days people feel exhausted from their work-life. Support your employee to get refreshed occasionally. It will create not only a value for the leader but also more trust and bonding with the followers.

10. Give and take

A leader must be not only a good listener but also a good team player who can contribute his/her thoughts with team. Whatever learning he/she had from any other sources he must pass on those things to team.