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Identifying the Most Effective Keywords for Web Content Optimization

Monday January 30, 2017,

4 min Read

Keyword research has now become even more challenging as Google still continues to follow the policy of hiding important information from webmasters. There was a time when you could see each and every keyword which attracted traffic to your website via the search engines. You could even know exactly how much traffic is being generated by each keyword. However, today the webmasters do not have access to such important information. The question that comes to our mind quite often is that what the SEOs and webmasters should do in this era of incomplete and unknown data?

Fortunately, today the search engines have become relatively much smarter than before. They are pretty smart in understanding what the user actually is looking for, without really using the accurate match search results. As such online content publishers are focusing on the UX as opposed to mindlessly stuffing the content with keywords so that they could be found more easily in the search engines. However, needless to say, that it is still quite important to use proper keywords in your web content for achieving better search engine visibility.

Let us now discover some effective methods which are available even today to SEOs, webmasters and all online marketers that could be tremendously useful in determining the most effective keywords that are necessary for optimizing content. However, SEO is not the only method to bring traffic to your website. Paid promotions like email marketing can do wonders for your business and if you need any help in internet marketing then contact a reputed bulk mailer Mumbai

Google Auto-Populate

You must be pretty disheartened while thinking how Google is responsible for making your life more challenging and difficult by withholding valuable keyword data. But do not be so disappointed. You still have access to auto populate function of Google that could be assisting searchers in completing their thoughts while simultaneously providing the webmasters with the valuable keywords.

Optimization of Website Keywords

This is probably the best place for initiating your research as you are eager to find out what type of content already is available about the topic on which you are trying to generate content. This is an effective method of determining long-tail keywords & phrases that would be relatively more challenging to identify on the keyword planner tools.

Google Related Searches

Just like the “auto populate” function, related searches are provided by Google right at the bottom or end of the SERPs. This should never be ignored and in fact, you should examine these things when you start keyword research process. You need not be scared of looking for multiple alternatives to keyword phrases and keywords. This is a great way of understanding the way the search engine thinks about specific words and exactly what words are actually, related to one another.

Google Trends

Google Trends could be really effective in selecting the right variation of a specific keyword. This tool would be displaying largely a keyword’s interest over time and it would also be including a forecast for some specific terms. Interest over time would actually be demonstrated as any number between zero to hundred at specific points over time. It would be reflecting exactly how many searches were done for a specific term vis-à-vis the total searches performed on Google over a period of time. They, however, are not supposed to be representing the absolute or accurate search volume numbers.

Google Analytics

Keyword data is marked as not provided in the Google Analytics’ organic section. However, there is still a section marked Acquisition which is known to contain good data of 3 months. This could be found just under the Search Engine Optimization. The actual advantage of browsing through this data present in the Google Analytics as opposed to the Webmaster Tools seems to be enhanced capability in comparing previous months’ available data and that would include clicks, CTRs, and impressions.


You should consider utilizing these tools as they are helpful in identifying effective keywords and topics, generating and shaping excellent content which the audience would find appealing. You must realize if your content does not seem to be good enough for sharing, it would be of no use even if you identify many keywords. The primary SEO goal should be to attract more traffic to your website and compel others to spontaneously share, as well as, link to your high-quality content.