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Top 5 mobile marketing checklist you need in 2018

Top 5 mobile marketing checklist you need in 2018

Saturday February 24, 2018,

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Whether you are a business-to-business (B2B) or B2C (business to consumer) business, the key to your digital success is your mobile presence. This is unbelievably important when you see this:

• According to Zenith, about 84% of all traffic will be mobile by 2018 In the US

• According to Garner, about 50% of customers will conduct all their online activities on a mobile by 2018 in the US.

• According to E-marketer, about 73% of digital ad spending will be allocated for mobile platforms () in the US by 2019.

• According to Biznessapps, the number of mobile app downloads will compass 352.9 billion by 2021.

Technology and trends are developing and changing with time, so we have put together the mobile marketing checklist in order to make your marketing efforts more effective and mobile-friendly.


1. Ensure your business website is responsive

Business owners need to ensure that their websites work smoothly on every mobile device. Responsive web design or RWD loads in less than five seconds. RWD has an Impeccable user interface (UI) and User experience (UX). With bounce rates on mobile 45% higher than on desktops, mobile users no longer bear unclickable buttons & tabs, non-optimized, unreadable content with disproportionate images, poorly navigable pages, etc.

Furthermore, RWD will deliver all the vital features that customers are expecting, for instance, fast loading pages, easy navigation, mobile-friendliness, etc. So, updating your website to a responsive one will surely make sure that your customers see your company in the best way.

2. Engaging and informative web content

Another great and tried marketing technique are producing unique and high-quality content. A high-quality content piece can add credibility to your website, boosts your websites search ranking simply by bringing more and more new users. In order to boost your brand's profile, or to introduce new services, products and discounts to your customers, you can publish your content on other platforms as well.

3. Hyperlocal

With the unstable growth of smartphones, it is logical that marketing goes mobile and local, particularly hyperlocal. Therefore, you must leave a digital footprint for your consumers to find them using their cell phones as more of them are accessing the internet instead of desktop users.

Also, nearby mobile searches are rapidly becoming the norm. According to Google study, about78%of mobile users who search on their cell phones for products and services nearby wind up visiting the business or store within a day, and about 30 percent of these searches result in a purchase.

4. Video marketing

It is believed that video will account for about 80%of all mobile traffic by 2019. According to Facebook report, Facebook users spend more than 3x more time in watching a video vs static content. People will spend about 36 or 36 minutes watching videos on their mobile phones in 2018. Videos engage and stick to a range of 30 to 40 seconds and for best results, go for two minutes.

5. Use email marketing to stay in touch

In 2018, email marketing deserves a place on every digital campaign because it is one of the most cost-effective ways to stay in touch with your customers. You can use emails to recommend products and services, direct your customers to relevant content and to inform your customers about sales. So, create fully fleshed and attractive email campaigns with catchy headlines, powerful CTAs, etc to drive engagement. Strong email marketing can retain customers and increase your repeat sales as well.

If you want to put the strategies on 2018 digital marketing list to work for your business, then call a reliable online marketing service company. They can provide you everything you need in order to create powerful digital marketing campaigns, including RWD design, PPC marketing, unique and high-quality content creation services.

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