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A Matter of Choice

Thus have I heard: We are not limited by the world around us. Our limits are born and bred in our mind through the decisions we make from moment to moment.

A Matter of Choice

Thursday February 22, 2018,

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The more informed your choices, the greater the fulfillment you experience in this world. Think of how often you recognize and take up the opportunities for crafting an exceptional life. Although you desire positive emotions and uplifting experiences, like everyone else, just wanting is never enough. Understand that you are broadcasting your inner state into the universal matrix at all times; when your broadcast is inspirational, you enrich yourself and those around you. 

But when your transmissions are based on fear and timidity, you become a victim of circumstances and the manipulations of others. Hence, it is vital for you to learn how to manifest the reality you deeply desire instead of just floating through life like driftwood in a slow-moving river.


You cannot have your wishbone where your backbone ought to be and expect life to offer you its bounty without any skilled effort on your part. 

So, make a deep commitment to personal excellence and take your rightful place in this world, for only then will you step forward into new frontiers of thought, feeling and action. There is no better way from which to tap into life's magnificence.

Without a clear understanding of universal laws and processes, your ability to predict how joyful or miserable you will feel after you achieve what you desire remains dismal at best. Like mountain climbing, the aspiration to know your strengths is based, at times, on tough and risky challenges. But these demanding growth-points become exhilarating when you begin to adventure into what can yet be possible for you.


Typically, you believe that there are purely rational ways for deciding important matters and that if you can't make a clear decision it is because you have insufficient data. 

But, decision-making is less a matter of data gathering and more a matter of entering the playing-field called life, with the firm conviction that you are not just equal to any challenge that comes your way. 

But you also have it in you to recognize that every moment is pivotal in itself, for transporting you to spectacular heights, with the right doctrine and methods as your foundation.

Kindly know that obtaining prosperity in its truest form, is not about what you are willing to do to gain it; but more importantly, about what you are willing to give up in exchange for it. It is like the making of an extraordinary athlete. The first thing the athlete has to confront is a series of questions: "What am I willing to give up, to be exceptional? Am I willing to give up the time that I spend with my friends; the parties; the sleep; the procrastination; the indiscipline?"

Instead of being concerned with what makes you feel good, invest your time and attention in discovering what makes you great. Don't let the dazzling heights you aspire to, scare you from getting started. To make your loftiest contribution to yourself and others, you must aspire to be the longed-for difference, making a qualitative difference, in this longing world. 

So, are you ready to venture boldly into discovering new dimensions of thoughts, feelings and actions that can propel you to the horizon and beyond?