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Which is the most updated method for hair transplant?

Which is the most updated method for hair transplant?

Thursday February 02, 2017,

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It’s quite difficult to judge which hair transplant method is updated or best one, it basically depends upon the requirement of individual. There are two most common and updated methods for hair transplant, one is FUE and other is FUT. So before deciding which method is best, I think we need to consider their advantages and limitations which may help us to make quick decisions. Let’s discuss some important features that may help us to understand which the most updated method is now.

FUT method:

FUT hair transplant surgery is basically done by the removal of strip of the skin that may contain our hairs from the back portion of scalp, after that the strip is dissected further into few smaller grafts containing 1, 2 and 3 hair follicle, then at the end, these grafts transplanted efficiently in to the recipient area.


The best advantage of FUT is, it is quite useful when multiple number of hairs is needed to fill the recipient portion of scalp when there is advanced kind of baldness having smaller donor area.


It leaves linear scar exactly on the back area of scalp (donor site) which is then reduced by simply using trichophytic suture technique. It takes some time to heal donor area with this technique.

FUE method:

In FUE hair transplant, basically few individual hair follicle units that are made up of 1, 2 or 3 hair are carefully removed with different little punches that leave no scar apparently at the donor areas.


The biggest advantage of this surgery is, patient may experience some quick healing of donor site. It is suture less, some minimally visible little scars, and quite painless procedure as compared to FUT or other transplantation techniques. In case of extensive baldness pattern, if there is limited hair on donor site, then surgeons may utilize body hairs in order to overcome the baldness issue effectively.

So according to advantages and drawbacks, I think FUE is the best and latest method for hair transplantation, as it involves no pain, no scars, and less time in transplantation. That’s why now most of the people prefer FUE technique, as donor hair can also be transplanted from any part of the body to overcome the issue.

Well our ultimate goal is to get rid of severe baldness pattern, right? Therefore, I would simply suggest my readers to use some clinically proven method which may help them to overcome the issue effectively and for long run. If you choose reputable hair surgeons for FUE hair transplant then the chances are you may experience much better results. As the techniques, instruments, knowledge and experience can help you feel quite good as compared to other cheap methods.

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