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Tips to unpack and organize after moving day!

Are you looking for some quick fixes to unpack and organize your home post moving day? 

Tips to unpack and organize after moving day!

Wednesday October 18, 2017,

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Now that your moving day is over, it is time to concentrate on ‘unpacking,’ and turning your house into ‘home sweet home.’ For most of us, the idea of making it a ‘home’ does not include ceiling-high stacks of cardboard boxes left from unpacking. To avoid or prevent this, it’s always a good idea to have a plan (just like when you had for your moving day). Here are some tips that would get you going and finally have the dream home that you always wanted.

Unpack as soon as you moved in

Once you have just finished moving in boxes after boxes, you might be tired and it might sound tempting to let the boxes and other items just stay that way. It’s true that you don’t have to unpack everything at once but definitely set up a schedule for regular unpacking. Your set deadline for unpacking, if it’s a studio apartment should be about a week or two, and for a house, a month or so.

There is always the option of hiring professional packers and movers who would pack, help you move and then unpack accordingly within a day or two. You can get free quotes from packers and movers from online marketplaces for more information, check their reviews and hire them.

Unpack by room

When packing, make sure that you have maintained an inventory list. Some of these professional movers also provide the list. Then, take one room and begin with the larger items and move on to the smaller items. This will ensure that large furniture items are already set and you can carry on your basic functions like eat, sleep and bathe properly without much tension. Once this has completed, you can focus on decorating, accessorizing, and feathering in the rest of your nest in general.

Purge again

One of the things that most people hate in packing and moving is ‘decluttering’. However, you will often find that you still have things that you no longer need or want. In addition to that, the realization to suddenly find space for all those stuff also often leads to a desire to purge. Once you free them from the packed cardboard boxes, you need to put all those things at their right places. This would also make you want to purge.

Just remember, that if you have not used it more than a year, you probably don’t need it. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but generally, this is a good enough rule, to begin with.

Setting right priorities

Sometimes finding your way through a maze of boxes can prove to be a nightmare. The best way to do deal with this is to prioritize rooms. Most people begin with the kitchen as they prefer their meals at home. If you prefer eating outside, you can definitely start somewhere else, like if you have children, you can start with their rooms. Just decide which room is most important and begin there.

Setting up a staging area

Whenever you unpack, there is a whole new opportunity to arrange things in a new and different ways. You can reorganize from the start, allowing you to style your home and show off.

Most people love to have a methodical approach in the unpacking of things when moving in. You can always set up a small staging area and sort through your knick-knacks and take an informed decision regarding their arrangement in your new home.

Storage space should be unpacked last

One of the last places to unpack is your garage because this is not essential and you need to organize the space before you start. Be ready with the tools that you need to make the area functional, this would include storage boxes, extra shelves, etc.

Remember that once the essential unpacking has been completed, take some time to enjoy your new space. You can either set aside few hours each day or on the weekend. Also, ensure to take some time to know your new neighbors.