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From passion to profession!

Someone has rightly said, 'to be successful you need to find your passion and follow it' and rest everything is in between.

Follow Your Passion

What is Passion- It is something that does not let you sleep at night. It is something that makes you want to do something different. The uncontrolled feeling of doing something and not being satisfied with it. An emotion that can overpower all other emotions. Passion could be anything and can be discovered at any age. Unlike Government jobs, Passion does not have an expiry date. But what is most important is that you need to identify passion and find ways to keep it alive.

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Passion should not be confused with interest, liking, hobby or a temporary phase. Where as you might be interested in something for sometime, passion is forever and does not change with season or reason. I have heard many people who say 'I am passionate about sports and I love Football' and when they are asked how often they play or who is their favorite football player or which club they support, they do not have a clear answer. So this shows that they like watching football but to say that they are passionate about football is not justified. Had that been the case they would 'eat sleep and drink football'. (not literally but you get the point). 

A lot of people are able to identify their passion but are not able to follow it for long. They might be crazy or enthusiastic for a while but then with busy lives and personal and professional commitments they loose the zeal. Passion is something you always need to find time for rather excuses. I remember I was in class X and all I wanted to do was learn how to play synthesizer. So my parents bought me a basic Casio Model and I along with one of my friend started going to a music teacher during our two month long summer break. When I started playing the instrument it gave me immense joy, and the feeling that I am creating something excited me. I played consistently, the songs that were taught and the ones that I learnt on my own. I discovered my passion when I was 16 years old and 15 years later, I am still playing. However now with a busy family and office life, I don't get much free time. But an hour everyday is reserved for my music and I follow it. Sometimes I cant carry my synthesizer so I have perfect piano app from Google Play Store installed in my phone and tablet, so where ever I go, I can play. When I am stuck in a long traffic jam, I use my tablet to make tunes. The chords and the sound coming out of it soothes me and makes my mind relax. Passion can be followed anywhere and anytime if you really want to pursue it.

Some people are really lucky. They find their passion and realize that this is everything they ever wanted to do and turn it into a profession. There is nothing like working for your passion. So don't keep thinking that one day you will find time for this. Now is the moment and now is the perfect time to start. Don't let your passion take a back seat. Because when you are 70 years old, you wont remember who your boss was, but you will surely remember the joy you got when you followed your passion. Don't stop till that is the only option left!


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