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Things you need to know about GRE preparation?

What is GRE? How to get Prepare for GRE? What are the things need to consider while preparation? Get answers from this Article. 

Things you need to know about GRE preparation?

Tuesday April 11, 2017,

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As you all know, GRE is the first step towards your dream admit for MS/PhD. Apart from being the first step, it's also one of the most important steps. Something, you have to get it right. 

Usually, students like you ask, Should I prepare for GRE online? Is online GRE preparation effective? Self, coaching or online GRE preparation - which is the best? How GRE Study Guide helpful to us?


Well, you have to understand, GRE being an online computer adaptive test, online GRE preparation helps the most. It gives you the flexibility and real-time experience which is needed to crack the GRE. If your online GRE preparation comes with a personal expert and a proper GRE study guide, then it's a crown jewel :)

So, when you are ready for the first step, choose your GRE preparation wisely that has a proper GRE study guide.

There are certain details you should know before starting your online GRE preparation or any other mode of preparation.

All 3500 GRE words are important

One common question which MS aspirants like you ask is - Should I study all the GRE words?

The answer is yes. You will have to learn all the GRE words. You shouldn't memorize them, instead learn to apply them.

Applying these words happen when you start using them in sentences, make your own sentences, and use them in articles you write.

Enough online GRE practice is important to test applying them in real time environment.

Online GRE preparation here, again, gives you an upper hand by providing as many practice tests as needed.

Know what the quantitative section tests

Do you need to be a master of mathematics to crack GRE quant? Will having a hold on mathematics alone fetch you a great GRE score?

The answer is NO.

GRE Quantitative section doesn't have trigonometry and calculus, thus, it cannot be testing mathematical ability.

It tests your ability to exactly analyze an unclear problem and decide a method that will give an answer. Usually, if not the majority of the time, at least most of the time, using mathematical formulas to come to a conclusion for GRE quants will be wasting your time. So, the next question is what should you do?

You will have to apply logic to the options available and select the best or apply a concept and solve a real time problem. There are a lot of fo techniques, but the final solution is to find out why a particular solution is one of the best.

Here again, Online GRE preparation has seen to develop speed and accuracy better due to real time GRE style tests.

Do not Ignore AWA

AWA is analytical writing assessment. Most of us (Indians) are not natural at written language. The only way you can improve your writing is through continuous practice. A lot of Online GRE preparation available gives you the flexibility to have an expert to review your written articles and give personalized feedback which is usually difficult in a large crowded class. If you have your own personal expert at your home always, then it might not be needed.

Usually, students ignore AWA or keep it for the last which is not the best thing to do. Read articles and practice AWA regularly.

A proper study plan needed.

You will have to take a GRE style test, see where you stand and make a plan covering your weaker areas effectively. Give some gap between the plans as it's difficult to follow a tight schedule. And, trust me; a proper plan makes all the difference.

If you are able to get into an online GRE preparation course, you should look for a personalized study plan similar to how GREedge offers.

You might face a challenge to - how to have your energy high throughout? How can complete all planned tasks effectively?

To solve this, make a plan that is flexible. Even after missing out in certain topics, you should be able to go forward without backlogs. In the plan, have activities half of what you can actually do. Do not make it over aggressive.

Finally, take a lot of online GRE style practice.

Online GRE preparation or coaching or Self - Choose the one with the best GRE study guide that suits you.

Happy learning Buddies!