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Mohalla Clinic: A revolution in health care that is both high-tech and powerful

Mohalla Clinic: A revolution in health care that is both high-tech and powerful

Wednesday April 12, 2017,

4 min Read


An apple dropped from a tree on its own natural course. But, Sir Issac Newton had a different angle to look at it and he postulated a whole range of theories on speed and gravitation. Greats don't look at issues, but they look far deeper.

For many, including myself, these occurrences might seem to be simple natural processes, but for deep thinkers these lead to innovations and interventions.

"He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything." - Thomas Carlyle

Now, without being much philosophical, I must unravel and delve deeper into the topic of the most innovative health solution provided in Delhi-NCR region.

Yes, I'm talking about the recent and the most revolutionary concept of Mohalla Clinics and Poly Clinics launched by the Delhi Government. It is a 3-tier smart, prompt and innovative approach which's redefined the healthcare in the capital.

Kind Words from Mr. Kofi Annan and Dr. Amartya Sen

Its idea was an instant hit and looking at its efficacy the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan lauded the Delhi government for providing free primary health care through Mohalla Clinics -- an initiative that's "consistent with the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) goal" of the WHO.

Nobel Laureate Dr. Amartya Sen too had hailed the idea of clinics and remained inquisitive about the model, and its disruptive implementation using technology. He appreciated Delhi Govt's proclivity in bringing a reform in health services.

Further ahead, the idea looks simple, but it is in fact combined with intelligent planning and technological intervention. It is holistic, and a well planned 3-tier solution to deal with simple illness, and to your more complex surgical needs.

Let's find out ...!!!

Three-Tier Health Care System

As iterated earlier, it's a three-tier health care system and upon you falling ill you visit one of the next door Mohalla Clinics and, in case, your illness is found to be of critical type after adequate diagnosis you're then sent to a Poly Clinic.

On the other hand, these Poly Clinics are conveniently built inside the premises of large city based Govt hospitals, where qualified doctor further examine you.

In case, if they further find out after through diagnosis that you needed to be admitted to a multi specialty private hospital or health clinic, then they may recommend. It's to be noted in private hospitals too your treatment is free.

High Tech and Sophisticated Medical Tools

Each of these modern clinics is equipped with a mobile "Swasthya-Slate". It is a highly sophisticated mobile medical tool and the doctors sitting in these clinics maintain patients' medical record in real time.

In addition, it further enables them in saving the patients' medical history to the centrally located data base center, which can be assessed anytime from any of these clinics and, a Swasthya-Slate helps them print a prescription too.

Free Medicines and Medicine ATMs

It is important to notice that medicines are provided free and that too at certain centers with automatic machines i.e., Medicine ATMs. In case, when you're sent to a private hospital surgeries too are done free of cost.

Clinic Infrastructure and Qualities

A clinic infrastructure gives you an impression of a private health center facility. The ambiance is kept mostly cool with ACs, comfortable chairs, test-sample lab, friendly medical staffs and shelves stacked with precious medicines.

Medical Tests and Sample Collection

In these clinics, there's a whole range of tests and examinations written on the display boards and you can chose tests based on the advice of your doctors. In case, the tests are identified to be more complex in nature then you'll be aided to go to the nearest centers, or the sample will be collected and the report will be given to you the next day. It sounds like a miracle, isn't it? But true.

All in all, one can not ignore the relief and the ease of getting treated here that too without any cost. It sounds like a miracle specially at a time when the cost of medicines and treatments have reached astronomical heights.

In the end, these clinics can be summarized as the most revolutionary solution which has redefined the health care. I must say the idea of clinics have been implemented with clinical precision. It's high-tech, yet simple in its approach.