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For achievements Dedication plays a major role than degree

For achievements Dedication plays a major role than degree

Monday September 26, 2016,

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This is not a story of a great person that the world knows but it's all about a person who has a passion, dedication and determination to achieve something.

At the age of 20, he started his career by saying to his father “Go for retirement”. He didn't have a degree, he started his work as lab assistant in some computer institute. After two years he got good knowledge in database management and later joined Central Excise, still I am thinking why he joined central excise even though he was good in software, he can continue his career in software field by joining any MNC companies.

He served more than 10 years as Data Entry operator and next one year as Senior Tax Assistant. In other words, a well settled govt job, what more a person need than this.

Things were going good but he joined an electronics company called Cypress semiconductors as an application engineer. Now again I got a question. Why he left that life securing job and what made him to join cypress and what he knows about electronics to join cypress?

11 years of his hard work will answer this question, every day after reaching home he started working on database and some other software stuffs. In those years, he asked his best friend (who is good in electronics) to teach about electronics his friend replied by asking that you teach me software and I will teach you the electronics, both started learning.

After joining cypress within 5 years he was successful in getting 3 US patents on capsense. Can it be possible, a person who doesn’t have any engineering degree and no professor taught him electronics? Yes it's possible only when you have dedication towards your achievement. He gets handful salary and good post then why he started his own company by trusting a simple data logger product. What made him to believe on his product . Belief is not on product but on him. From last one year I am seeing the product is looking as it was in last year but its potential is increasing in terms of intelligence. From where he is getting this no professor teaches him how to write code or no exams certifies him by saying he is capable of writing code. Today he is capable of doing this means yesterday he worked. Starting a company and taking its responsibility is not a small thing, what made him to do this is his passion. When he sits in front of his laptop he will forget the world and enter into his own world, sometimes it is very difficult to make him,come out of that world that much concentration he had. Still I remember that day when we are working on i/o switches, circuit was not working he came at afternoon 3.45 , we said we are not able to find out what was wrong he said okay, I will do it even though he has lot other work to do. Till night 9.10 PM he keeps on working on that board by soldering, disordering, checking the voltage, connectivity etc... If I or anyone else were at that place we would have replace the entire board but his thinking was different. He wanted to know where the fault is actually present.

I love the words which he used to say:

"If I give you a work you have to do it, If you are not doing it, I will do it, if I do it, it will be a disaster for you"

Yes he is one of my tech guru his name is M K NARAYANA SWAMY...........


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