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Things every entrepreneur should learn from Sachin: A billion dreams

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is an idol to almost every Indian & his movie that has just released teaches us a lot.

Things every entrepreneur should learn from Sachin: A billion dreams

Saturday May 27, 2017,

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The real story of Sachin Tendulkar is no less than a rags to riches story. Hailing from an middle class Marathi family in Mumbai to creating an household name not just across India but across the globe. The whole story has been perfectly documented in his movie "SACHIN: A Billion Dreams".

Let's look as an entrepreneur what insights one should take from his movie.

1. Believe in Yourself: Sachin always believed in himself, so should you. Every idea starts with a belief in success, whatever the situation you may be in, you should never lose your belief that you can do it. 

2. Focus: An entrepreneur should never let his focus down.The goal that has been set has to be reached and the entrepreneur should always focus on how to achieve it. Sachin was so focused on his cricket that he shifted to his aunt's house just because the practice ground was easily accessible with minimum time.

3. Determination & dedication of hard work: An idea or a dream is not fulfilled by just creating it on paper or discussing it with your colleagues. You have to put an enormous amount of hard work and determination of highest level to achieve your goals. Sachin used to travel from one ground to another just to practice more.

4. Be Fearless: Sachin debuted against Pakistan when he was just 16 playing alongside other legends in cricketing history. If at any moment fear got into him, he would not have been as successful as he is today. An entrepreneur should not let fear get into his mind. No matter with whom you are competing believe in yourself and go ahead.

5. Stay on the ground: "I would be happier if people praise you as a good human being rather than just a good cricketer" - Ramesh Tendulkar (Father Of Sachin). This teaching has been ingrained in him and has made Sachin the person he is today. The most humble, down to earth personality and, moreover,  a good human being. An entrepreneur should also stay the same. Never let the success you achieved, the money you earned change the human being you are. Treat everyone as equal.

Inspiration is all around you, one should just look around and identify what inspires them. Follow your passion and never be afraid of failure because when you are down the only way to look is up.

Be You. Thanks for reading.