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How Rahul Sihmar converted $500 into $10k each month by just running ads on Facebook

He shares with us the list of strategies and techniques he followed that helped him turn his $500 investment into a 10K returns by posting Ads on Facebook.

How Rahul Sihmar converted $500 into $10k each month by just running ads on Facebook

Wednesday March 29, 2017,

8 min Read

The digital world has enabled us to earn by many new ways. Posting Ads on Facebook is one such efficient means to create an income. Rahul Sihmar, a twenty-year-old blogger from Haryana says that he quit his aeronautical studies that did not suit his dreams and started his venture of exploring the possibilities of earning through YouTube and AdSense by 2014. 


Firstly, Rahul Sihmar says how he choose the right sales-cycle:

If we compare two companies that invest $100 each for their business but follows different sales cycle namely slow-sales cycle and fast-sales cycle, the latter brought higher revenue per annum that can reach up to $204,800, which is more than 200 times greater than slow sales cycle. He says that by following slower sales cycle, the owner can reinvest the money only four times while it in fast cycle he can invest every month effectively.

Rahul Sihmar shares his experience on how he became an expert on choosing what to pick, and turned his sales that began with $279 per month to $15000 approx. 

He says that after few experiments he realised that he had to do neither content-first marketing in which he had to create blog posts, videos, and social-media posts many weeks in advance in order to offer it to his customers nor he had to sell cheaper products initially to acquire clients. He then designed a proper sales system without having to build a content stock available or a team for working together.

He gave us an outlook of the total sales plan; On an average 10,000 people clicks his Ads posts from Facebook which leads to a landing page. Here about 20% sign up for a webinar session. He chooses the people who could be contacted after the session along with his team and finally only 40% of those people are actually signed up for investing in the projects. They start with $15000 a month and they use problem-first marketing, in which they are ready to give exact solution for their clients queries and problems.

A step by step guidance he provided is as follows:

The first step of his success is to Target Potential Buyers Precisely on Facebook. According to Rahul Sihmar, the customers or audience for your Ads vary with the products you choose. If choose beauty products or make up products for women, you cannot include men in your Ads, like wise if your product is baby formula or kid’s food then target customers would be parents who have toddlers and babies. Design or develop your Ads based on the audience you are going to reach. Audience for your products can also be chosen based on the pages they follow from their Facebook. Every month, Rahul Sihmar spent around $2,000 on Facebook. He targets clients through problem-based targeting. He chooses the customers who will have a need for the products or services that he sells. He uses the idea from Facebook pages followed by his customers to pick them.

The second step is to create an Ad that would attract the target customers.

Rahul Sihmar says selecting an ideal Ads is important. The checklist to design a good Ad;

1. Give a meaningful title to you Ads: Well-defined title will make you customers like or read you Ads more effectively.

2. Select an image that will suit or enhance the success of your post. Rahul Sihmar gives an incidence from his Ads created to make customers to sign-up for a free webinar session. His team designed it to express the outcome a customer would want to see. The Ads provided a solution without talking about the problem. Efficient Ad could attract numerous right customers and every week success will be doubled.

3. Customize your Ads for Mobile usage: We all know that Facebook have more than a billion users and 60% of its revenue is derived from the mobile Ads. Even though it is a bit higher than website Ads it’s good to try it because it will double the chances of reaching or getting a response from customers. So create a good strategy to get a low CPI before your start.

4. Custom design Ads specific to buyers, call-to-action links, emotional attractions and location specific targets etc. Use the color psychology. Colors can affect different age group in different way. For example, pink is kind of women color, old people like subtle blue, green etc. Aim at customers with specific education, work, income group, relationship status, language, ethnicity etc. in accordance with the sale or service.

5. Select the right product: Consumer products and business products attract people in a different way. Products from well-known brands is a potential source to gain a higher Likes and Engagement. Google AdWords helps in ‘Demand fulfilment’ while Facebook creates the demand. So popular brand tends to bring you lot of viewers and in turn good number of customers.


The third step is to create a landing page:

He suggests to create a page that would take your customers from the Ad to a solution. In other words, lead your customers to their goal. Including an E-Mail ID or providing them a contact form to sign up and to receive notifications will also be an additional advantage. Use headlines or description that will tell the audience if they will find what they need from your Ad or post. Test various titles before you actually use them.

Rahul Sihmar says that about 20% of the customers who reads the Ads visits his webinar page. For which he follows four steps.

1. Single-complete landing page: the key to making your customers to purchase the product is to give them the view of it in a single click. He recommends to use LeadPages which helps in easy automation to create the landing page.

2. Objective based headlines. Rahul opinionated that the title or headlines for a service should tell your clients that you understand their problem and that you have a right solution. He picks a title that includes both problem and its solution in his headlines.

3. Create A/B testing for your Ads. While you create, split your Ads and test them with specific parameters like countries, interests, age and gender, landing pages, headlines etc. Exclude the unwanted criteria. For example, if your target customers are youngsters don’t waste time in testing your Ads on kids or aged people. If your Ad is for specific for a country don’t try hitting audience in other places. Same way if you are creating Ad for women’s apparel don’t target men or children. Test for every Ads, and optimize your output.

4. Create a deadline to use your service: Rahul quotes an example from an Academic research conducted by Robert Cialdini says that people tend to look at the worth of things when they have limited time to take it up.

So he adds a countdown timer to next session of his webinar which boosts his customers’ involvement by 10-15%

Fourth step is to Create a Webinar:

Rahul was motivated by his friend, Jason to host Webinars. He understood that webinars reach the customers more quickly because most people get involved in listening to a webinar rather than reading article. His first webinar pulled 50% of the 110 people who signed up. He felt that nothing else could promote a product by 50%. About 30% of his webinar viewers watched till the last minute of it. Webinar allows a personal interaction with the customers. It gives you a platform where customers listen to you without getting diverted.

He says that you can also make customers talk freely by scheduling a call or session with them or by having a chat to know more of their requirements. They tend to believe that you can provide solution to their need when you reach out for them personally. They will focus on the content better when they listen to a session that they preferably signed up and hence the chances of them purchasing the product increases. Webinar should provide true picture and real value to the clients. It’s also important to tell your customers for whom your products or services are not suitable. This will help in building a trust relationship with potential clients.


Last but essential step of Rahul Sihmar strategy is direct communication with his prospective customers.

Rahul Sihmar takes 30-45 min to talk in person with his ‘likely clients’. He pics about 360 people out of his 20% of registered clients and talk to them personally. Rahul also shares a bitter experience of selecting a wrong people. It caused him about few millions of revenue loss per annum. Once right clients are found, he learned to solve problems of his clients. Solving problems help to enhance the chances of the clients to work with you. It also benefits us by growing with them.

Rahul Sihmar, spent $11,768 in 2016 doing full time designing and testing his sales plan for first many weeks of his initial start-up. After exact plan creation he made 10k from every $500 he spent on his sales. He concludes by encouraging every beginner to go forward and to begin their career of posting Ads on Facebook. But one thing to keep in mind is to overcome fear, of not hitting success or responded immediately. It will take time to practice and find the perks and tricks that will suit you. All you have to do is to question yourself if you are ready for the mission. If the answer is ‘Yes’ then the success is not far.