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Choosing the right financial planner in India

Choosing the right financial planner in India

Friday May 04, 2018,

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In a country of billions where millions are accountants, more than 100,000 mutual fund distributors, around 1000 registered advisors with financial regulation board SEBI, about 10,000 certified financial planners, choosing the right person for the job can be a herculean task. Financial matters are an important part of almost every individual. 

Some with right direction are able to invest their money in the precise direction gaining significantly while for others their money lies dormant in a bank account without any effective use. The financial plan must only be made on the basis of individual personal income capabilities, savings, family need and future prospect. 

As a financial planner, one must be able to take risks, stay patient, proactive to take money in case if it’s necessary to be a success in this volatile market. Here are few important factors that will determine in selecting the right planner in developing India with special emphasis on investment.

Image source : Pixabay

Image source : Pixabay

Certified Financial Planner:

To start with the complexities of financial investment, he or she should be certified to begin with that gives them the sign of authority and genuinely service provider in the industry. There are special certifications given to individuals who have shown excellence in understanding the basics of this comprehensive finance. 

They will understand the nature of assets, equity, fixed income and gold for advising you on making the investment portfolio more diversified. These guidelines, path, and approach towards financial education will train the individual on the challenges that one is going to face in real time struggles. 

These certified financial planners must acquire the capabilities to handle client investment in a positive way for long-term effective financial planning. He must act smart for investing the money in more than two or three funds and take the appropriate action whenever required.


Only with right experience, a financial planner is able to understand the telltale sign of market ebbs and flow. He must be a Solution provider, not someone who is selling the product in the market for early gains and then leaving things in the middle. The market is always full of people who will make wholesome promises in the beginning but when the time comes they will back out completely. 

One needs to avoid these people and get thorough background info about the person you are going to let advice on business matters. His competitiveness for taking the precise decision for the financial issue will define his future standing in the market and those who reap profits in hard market conditions get more business based on their market knowledge which comes by experience only. 

A Financial advisor must keep himself updated with all the latest changes in accordance with the changes in this industry for giving precise advise to their clients respectively.


Money can make people do things that will create doubts in everyone’s mind. As a financial advisor, one must be transparent about the financial proceedings to your investment profile. Rather than avoiding, a financial advisor must offer them the right explanation for any fall or down so both can work on the same path for years to come. 

Investment portfolio must be kept open to the respective clients for them to take regular updates and ask queries if required. Many people ask their friends or business colleagues in getting the right people for their financial issues. Word of mouth is still the best advertisement in the world so always be reliable and trustworthy to your customers so they can further enhance opportunities to gain.

Market Understanding:

Financial planner must go through the ups and downs of the market that will give him the experience to tackle the challenges and take the necessary step when to caution, take out or add in the investment for respective gains from the funds. Mutual Funds have proven a lot of success in the emerging market like India where there has been constant growth that grows the investor’s interest in making huge gains by taking calculative risks. 

But there are also fixed deposits, recurring deposits, insurance, premium, liquidities, assets, equities, mutual funds, direct partnership, SIP and many other forms of investment that can be added to the respective individual profile. Markets, like we have in India, tend to be of volatile nature with small changes in the political or unforeseen behavior can turn the tide completely but as a financial advisor, he or she must be proactive to know these market signs for taking investment decisions.

Long-Term Wealth planning:

A Financial planner must have the right plan based on your investment profile with future in sight. Planning must be done in with effective communication with the planner taking in fact the amount to be invested, diversifying funds and their positive prowess must be taken into account as well. 

A financial advisor may work alone or within a team under the company, their professional working must be entertained on that basis only. Although with one on one advisor may have better communications and focused approach towards individual portfolios in a group, the complexities and doubts about the markets can be more systematically managed within the company only. 

Most of the funds have better return aspect when given enough time to mature in the favorable market conditions like retirement funds, marriage, education etc so long-term efficient planning is must for better financial gains in the future. This specific condition usually outweighs another factor being the prime motive of the investor is generally long enough to get better returns accordingly.