Five smart ways to tackle a challenging project

Wednesday April 12, 2017,

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“Joy is the will which labours, which overcomes obstacles, which knows triumph.” W. B Yeats

In this world of easy gratification, we have forgotten the beauty of hard work done. We have built a hyper-connected world, where things can be attained, at the click of a button. Yet, when it adversities challenges, the best of us seem to bow down in dejection. Especially, when it comes to challenging projects, where high-octane atmosphere heightens the enormity of the situation, which leads to faltering confidences and a flawed output. The need to change the mindset towards it, thinking of challenges as a stepping stone to enhancing one’s portfolio, is needed. Challenges of any sort can be tackled with tact and ingenuity, something that every employee requires to have. One should think of them as opportunities to prove their mettle and keep the following things in mind:

1. Asses the task thoroughly

Before getting aboard on the project, spend some quality time on assessing it. Define the problem statement clearly and figure out how you want to shape the outcome. Identifying the project properly, discussing its scope, and then identifying key pointers helps to measure the roadblocks beforehand and proceed accordingly.

2. Set the inconsequential matters aside

On any given day, there will be a series of small and seemingly urgent tasks that you'll want to get out of the way before you tackle your big project. This might lead to distraction and loss of focus. Instead, ask yourself to keep smaller tasks aside until after your bigger project is finished. Getting the bigger task down beforehand would result in an early boost of creative juice-flow, helping you think your logical best through.

3. Break the task into manageable chunks

Challenges often come in the pretext of a grand, impending task that needs close attention towards it. A haphazard approach can lead to overlooking the minute detain, without which; the project might fall on its face. Therefore, it is wise to break work into sizable chunks as it would be easier to tackle and finish. Not only will this provide you that finer attention that is needed, but also help streamline work accordingly.

4. Utilize the power of technology

Technology may arrive in the guise of an incomprehensible, unforgiving wizard, but it is a man made creation, at the end of the day. Its primary utility is to enrich mankind’s daily experiences and should be used as an invaluable aid when it comes to work, as well. Data diaries, online planners, alerts, how-to-do portals help you keep a better track of your work, while scoping out other alternatives effectively. Technology is your dear old friend and you should never hesitate to approach it for assistance.

5. Reward yourself, post completion

In the ongoing quest to give our 200% best, we lose perspective of our inner self. Despite of age and maturity, a child resides in every one of us and that child should be rewarded for every task accomplished. The reward could be anything from a few minutes of playing a video game, to a short shopping expedition, to watching a favourite sporting event. Positive reinforcements make tacking challenges a thing to look forward for, helping you grow both as a professional as well as a human being.


The transition from a good employee to the most valuable employee has its share of challenging tasks which have been combated deftly. Challenges are the route to success and it is high time that employees consider it from that angle, to witness significant triumphs in their life.

The article has been contributed by Ms. Kavita Nigam, GM, HR, Publicity & Promotion, Karam Industries

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