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How to Choose Right Party Dress

Wednesday October 26, 2016,

3 min Read

Gone are the days when dresses were only available in shops and you’ve personally have to visit a shop to buy the desired outfit. Online shopping portals, websites, and retro clothing the online UK have revolutionized the perception of shopping and offer different types of clothes which you can order and get within a short time period. Selecting right dress for a party is quite a difficult task and many ladies get confused when they see many dresses before them. The thought of matching jewelry and shoes raise fidgets and you find it difficult to take a decision. The article will provide you some effective tips and tricks to consider when selecting a party dress in order to provide you ease in shopping and saving your precious time.

Nature of Party

The nature of the party is the main factor that determines length, fabric, embellishment, and many other factors of the party dress. Men dress code for parties is rigid and straightforward but women have no defined guideline about it. Women should wear long length dresses to give a formal appearance. Long gowns, pencil skirts, and maxis are the best for formal and cocktail parties. Prefer dark colors for night parties and light colors for day parties. If you can’t afford separate day and night colors for your party dresses then don’t be specific about it and buy black or color dresses as they are suitable for all kinds of parties and give a stunning look.

Never opt cotton for formal parties as there is no glow in cotton fabric and it gives you a dull and boring look. Prefer glossy fabric like satin, silk, and synthetic fiber to look gorgeous and up to the standards of the party. The texture of the fabric and print on the cloth should be eye-catching and appealing for formal parties but you can take some relaxation in texture and print when selecting a dress for casual parties or family gets together.

Synchronize Dress Colour and Skin Tone

Warm tone, cool tone, and neutral tone are the three categories of skin tones. You look splendid when you choose a dress after synchronizing it with your skin tone. Look at your wrist and see the color of the vein. Bluish color means cool tone while the greenish implicates the warm tone of the skin. Undertone means both white and black colors suit you. Yellow, brown, and red colors look amazing on cool tones while dark colors like blue, green, and orange are favorable for warm tones. People having neutral skin tone can wear both light and dark colors. However, you are confident about your skin and think that the dress design and cuts will fit well on our body and give it an amazing look then go for the dress try it.

Dress Style and Body Shape

Body shape is another major factor for selecting a party dress for you. Body shape decides either you have to pick a tight a dress or loose dress. The goal is to look beautiful and appealing without losing comfort level.

Choose A-line dresses if you have pear shaped body as they draw attention towards the neck and arms

• Full skirts and bright colors are favorable for wedge figure and inverted triangle

• Sweetheart neck dresses are best for rectangular figures as they give them a curvy look

• Women having apple shape body should choose V-necks and waist belt to get a balanced look

• Hourglass figures should select a dress that is neither too baggy nor too tight while they also choose A-line dresses for them