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Emerging Coworking Spaces And Incubation Centers of Central India

Emerging Coworking Spaces And Incubation Centers of Central India

Thursday February 01, 2018,

8 min Read


“We Break Down Walls So That We Can Breakthrough Our Businesses" - Cynthia Chiam

These words from the heart of every entrepreneur being cherished by the Coworking Space and Incubation Centers in Central India, are jointly creating echo among the skilled urbane of India’s Metropolis fostering hundreds of accomplished startups. It’s high time to see the emergence of startups from every major street of Tier 2 cities catering the needs of people and revolutionizing the current structure of businesses.

Talking about Central India, it has witnessed a paradigm shift in past decade in its economic growth. Startup ecosystem has witnessed brimming entrepreneurial spirit among the young hearts of budding entrepreneurs. This spirit has been profoundly triggered by the presence of voracious talent, limitless investors' confidence and emerging state government initiatives.

Central India blessed with vast resources and dedicated manpower has got a lot to offer. States of MP & CG being a home to IITs & IIMs and other Engineering & Management Institutes makes them a ‘Holy land of Startups’. Another benefit in establishing any venture in these states is low operational cost.

You might have encountered the most distinguished names of coworking spaces raised in the grounds of metropolitan areas of India with unimaginable exposure but here I have listed the gem names of few coworking spaces and incubation centers in Tier 2 cities of Central India which are growing beyond limits and are giving a cutthroat competition to the former.  

1. S.PACE 

Starting from the capital city of the heart of incredible India, mini business tycoons can smell the well-developed aroma of few juvenile entrepreneurs whose entrepreneurial spirits were nurtured by the most promising coworking space in the city.

Honestly, I am not exaggerating its charm but I personally witnessed the passion S.PACE has filled among the aspiring entrepreneurs who have its name on the tips of their tongues. From providing venues to expert mentorship to set any business on the wheels of success, S.PACE has become the first private coworking space and Incubation center of Bhopal.

When emerging businesses and startups in Bhopal were asked about their first choice among coworking areas, they quoted “S.PACE provides the most enabling ecosystem to support entrepreneurial growth. Undoubtedly we not only are planning to associate but would also recommend other business minds to mark S.PACE at the top on their search list for not only for coworking spaces but also of Incubation Centres in Central India”.

Founder: Taytil Singh

Established In: September 2016

Location: Bhopal

Area: 7500 sq. ft.

Capacity: 16 Cabin, 40 seats

Pricing: Starting from 3000 to 25000 INR per month

The best part is it is free for Women Entrepreneurs for first three months.

Facilities: Coworkers and incubatees get access to a coworking space, 24×7 office-infrastructure support, knowledge sharing & collaboration, key service providers, networking. Also, facilities like Internet, conference rooms, network with startup community, photocopy/print/scan,

 free or discounted access to events, In-house canteen, Gamezone, access to a mentor network, Reception etc. are included their services.

Timings: Open 24x7 


2. Adited 

The next gem lies in the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore. Indore is widely known as an educational hub, food base, and startups depot. The vibrant ecosystem of Indore has been nurturing hundreds of startups and few of them are being catered by the series of coworking spaces - Adited 1.0, Adited 2.0 & Adited 3.0. Adited targets on not only just renting out cabins and desks in their offices, but also about bringing the coworking revolution in Indore.

Their flexible working environment round the clock and their community of like-minded individuals makes them stand out from the crowd in Indore.

Founder : Abhinandan Gupta

Established In: November, 2015

Location : Indore

Area : Adited 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 - 1600, 1400 & 2700 sq. ft.

Capacity: 27 seats, 34 seats, and 75 seats respectively.

Pricing: Starting from 3500 INR per month

Facilities: Internet, coffee machines, electricity bills, office boy, parking and almost everything that needs to be covered in a posh office.

Timings: Open 24x7


3. Jabalpur Coworking 

It was really hard to locate details about this coworking space but somehow this precious pearl made its place on my list. Isolated from the limelight of entrepreneurship glamour, Jabalpur Coworking is slowing developing its own startup ecosystem for emerging entrepreneurs feeding them not the only venue to materialize their ideas but also assisting them with every facility, they would need to fly sky high. It’s only been two months that Jabalpur Coworking came into existence but the entrepreneurial background of the charismatic founders are surely going to take it on wheels of success for a long term.

Founder: Avdesh Solanki, Manish Mahar

Established In: November 2017

Location: Jabalpur

Area: 3000 sq. ft.

Capacity: 5 Cabins, 50 seats

Pricing: Starting from 4000 INR per month

Facilities: Internet, canteen, electricity bills, furnished cabins, helping staff.

Timings: 9 A.M. - 9 P.M.


4. TIIC Gwalior

Gwalior, popularly called "the Gibraltar of India", is not only famous for its dramatic and dominant hilltop fort but also for its emerging startup ecosystem, scattering the aura of entrepreneurial vigor among the foreseen entrepreneurs beyond the limit. Technology Innovation and Incubation Centre is an industrial interface of Atal Bihari Vajpayee - Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management, Gwalior and a registered society under the act MP act 1973.

The startups incubated by TIIC Gwalior like Gwalior7.Com, Decent Solutions & are IT-based ventures and had been bringing laurels to the prestige of IIITM for years. This incubation center attracts, motivate and nurture graduating budding entrepreneurs from different institutions of India having the vibrant mindset and future vision towards IT-based technopreneurs. Though you have to surpass their evaluation process to get access to their services, it’s worth to apply for.

Founder: ABV-IIITM Gwalior ( Dr. Anurag Srivastava as coordinator of TIIC)

Established In: 2008

Location: Gwalior

Area : 2200+ sqr. ft

Capacity: 8 Incubatees at a time

Pricing: No cost, In fact, they provide funds!

Facilities: Workspace with computer and Internet Broadband Connectivity, Common business, administrative & incubation facilities, Training & Mentoring ( Technical, Financial, Marketing & Legal)

Timings: 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. 


5. 36Inc

If we just try looking beyond the boundaries to the southeast of Madhya -Pradesh, we will land to a place where youth have no dearth of ideas and are persistently converting their creative ideas into business. Well, I am talking about the state Chhattisgarh, translated as ‘Thirty-Six Forts’, also known as ‘The Rice Bowl of India’ not only owns breathtaking natural beauty but a huge cluster of entrepreneurship driven heads. And these entrepreneurs are incubated by 36 Inc, the first business Incubator cum Accelerator supported by Government of Chhattisgarh.

36Inc also acts as a Hub for a network of Incubators and Accelerators across the state. It only incubates startups those aspire to get ideas to reality or existing business to scale with access to ace mentoring and plethora of services. 36Inc’s well equipped Fablab with a separate access is not just for their incubatees; its open to the community at large to enable them to solve unique problems.

Founder: Chhattisgarh Infotech Promotion Society (CHiPS)

Established In: 2015

Location: Raipur

Area: 10000 sq. ft

Capacity: 3000 seats

Pricing: They fund startups instead of charging

Facilities: Co-Working Spaces, Mentorship & Coaching, Market Access, All round services like Regulatory & tax compliances, Legal, Accounting/ Financial etc. access to competitions & Events, Access to various national and international forums

Timings: 24/7 access


6. SSTC Business Incubator Bhilai

Well, you already took a tour of almost every Tier 2 city in entire central India through this article, here is the last one to stopover.Who hasn’t heard about Bhilai? Insanely infamous for its steel and chemical industry, having cosmopolitan culture, makes it a remarkable emerging educational hub in India. Chhattisgarhi Government has not only brought a revolution in the startup ecosystem of India but also provided the startups an opportunity to become beacon bearers of this ecosystem in an entirely new region.

Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus (SSTC), Bhilai has established the first Business Incubator (BI) of Chhattisgarh State under the scheme: ‘Support for entrepreneurial and managerial development of SMEs through incubators’.

The main aim of this established Business Incubator is to support emerging technological and knowledge-based innovative ventures under the guidance of business experts and professionals.

Founder: Dr. P.B. Deshmukh (Director)

Established In: 2015

Location: Bhilai

Area: 15000 sq. ft

Capacity: 25 Cabins

Pricing: Free access

Facilities: Free of charge wireless internet and stable electricity supply, PC for printing and scanning, shared meeting room facilities with a projector and needed office equipment, office cleaning, canteen and toilet facilities


A Few Other Notable Coworking Spaces and Startup Incubators In Central India are:


Dylogg Coworking - Coworking Space

ROLTA Innovation And Incubation Centre, MANIT Bhopal


Incuspaze, Indore

Regus Indore

Srijan, Indore



Virtual Incubation Center - Amity University


Jabalpur Incubation Center


Coworking is undoubtedly a worldwide phenomenon. This culture is prominently anchored in the premises of creative industries prevailing not only in the major business cities of India but also in its speedily expanding Tier 2 cities. Not only coworking spaces, Incubation centers also have become an integral part of the business assistance framework to offer critical support to newly formed enterprises. The idea of establishing coworking spaces and incubation centers has catalyzed the needs of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and empowered their urge to develop the major cities of Central India.

If you have a creative idea and want to build a business over it, start chasing the above-mentioned coworking spaces and incubation centers, you will find yourself among the community members having similar dynamic passion, versatility and superb business skills.