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Build Apps the Easy Way: Top 4 Mobile App Development Platforms

Build Apps the Easy Way: Top 4 Mobile App Development Platforms

Tuesday September 26, 2017,

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Now a day’s people used smartphones on regular basis and need mobile apps for it. Mobile app development is very necessary and it provides easy accessibility to the device. In today’s world mobile app development is increasing and rising more business through it. Many of the business developing mobile apps for earning profit, for more customer engagement and to expand the business overall. Through mobile apps one can earn income also. Mobile App Development Company developed apps for the platforms according to clients’ needs and requirements. Mobile apps are built by different tools and technologies used for different platforms for developing unique apps. Developing the right app for a particular platform is essential for developers as there are many tools available that provide easy coding infrastructure and techniques which will save a lot of time and efforts. Before developing the apps, we must understand the goals, choosing the right platforms, audience requirements. Mobile App Development platforms provides mechanisms for building, testing and easily managing the apps. As cross platforms app are built on the tools which are easily developed, and run on different platforms while need less coding to maintain. Also it provides APIs, plugins for connection, integrated cloud based services and mobile device management. Mobile app development makes it easy to develop mobile apps while through a module i.e. provides less coding and quick development. Through this it is possible for developers to create apps which are faster, easier and cheaper to build. There have been lots of apps are building for different platform and are easier to develop but need different techniques for different mobile app platforms. The mobile apps platforms that provides integrity, testing, security and proper management must be considered.

Mobile App Development Platforms

With the business there is a boom in mobile apps development industry. Day by day mobile apps development becoming more dynamic. Mobile app development platforms are the software that allow to build, test, and deploy the apps for smartphones. Through mobile apps platforms small business can develop the apps and accordingly reach out the customer easily. Earlier developers used lengthy codes for developing mobile apps, but now mobile app development is easy and with Rapid App Development (Platforms RADP), one can build apps with less coding. There are many mobile app development platforms through which one can create apps that save lot of efforts. These development tools helps the developers to create apps quickly and also learn new functionalities and provides apps according to customer’s needs. Here are some of the mobile app development platforms:


Appcelerator is the most frequently used mobile app development platform which provides high quality apps. It provides tools and build apps for iOS and Android devices while uses JavaScript codebase. Appcelerator provides an open source and extended environment for developing apps for all platforms. It includes supports SDKs, APIs and also provides libraries for extended modules and pre integrated cloud based services. Many companies are looking for mobile developers having skills for creating the suitable apps. While users working in JavaScript apps development for working quickly and efficiently and give end to end solutions to the client. In the coming years many of the developers will choose this technique for better development and getting user centric results.


Phonegap is well known for developing the cross platform mobile apps, completely free of cost and open source system. Phonegap is the version of Apache Cordova which is generally used for building the mobile apps quickly. Phonegap allow the developers to upload code into HTML, CSS and JavaScript and create the apps that are easier to develop and can be run on different platforms. It is an open source software through which the apps can run on multiple devices while no need of lengthy coding and maintaining the same code for all platforms such as iOS, Andorid, Window etc. It saves more time, resource and efforts of developers and web languages are very easy to develop. Phonegap can design and develop the apps which can deploy easily and meet user’s requirement.


Xamarin is one of the best platform for developing cross platform apps and build quality apps for multiple platforms. It delivers native apps, cross platforms apps using the techniques and tools available. Using the c# language it develops apps for cross platform devices. Also build the native apps through c# which gives a user experience and easy accessibility to the devices. Through Xamarin developers can test the apps while through cloud integration service and apps can be automatically tested. Xamarin development provides apps which perform as well as quick development. Xamarin proficient to offer Native UI and can access hardware and software features easily. Xamarin offers apps that can integrate smoothly and run on multiple platforms such as iOS, Andorid and window.


Telerik is a standards-based application development platform which provides solution for enterprises to build apps for any device such as mobile, tablet, or desktop. The platform includes the UI capacities for web and hybrid development, and also synchronized cloud services that are quicker to access and support application. It aimed at providing cliental solution with integrated cloud services. It designed, test and developed app across cross platforms. Terelik handles the database and user management very easily. It helps in tracking app projects and collaboration through a single cloud interface. It gives effective and quick solutions to the client and developers would prefer to develop the mobile apps through this platform as it provides better user experience.

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