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Digital B2B marketing is contributing to the make In India campaign big time

E-Commerce has been a great success for the IT industry in India, especially after the advent of smartphones & online banking in the past few years. One of the E-commerce models that have carved out a niche is the B2B (Business To Business) model

Digital B2B marketing is contributing to the make In India campaign big time

Thursday June 28, 2018,

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Image Source : https://bit.ly/1rwTDSM

Image Source : https://bit.ly/1rwTDSM

The B2B model has shown a steady growth in India even if it’s yet to pick the same pace as its B2C (Business To Customer) counterpart. Digital Marketing has been a great catalyst to galvanize potential customers from across the global online space even for the B2B sector companies. B2B Digital Marketing – A call to “Make in India” action

The “Make in India” campaign focusses on the transformation of India into a global level manufacturing hub. Here, the focus on development of various B2B companies is immensely needed. Many of these firms are involved into the supplying as well as manufacturing of industrial rubber products. These companies have immense potential to grow their businesses in India and overseas. The reason is that currently the per capita consumption of rubber in India is as low as 0.8 kg which is lesser than the global average. It shows that such industrial products like the ones made from rubber polymer have scope to be sold in the country’s & world B2B market.

If India’s central and all state governments frame economic/business policies in a way that it favours such companies then B2B sector can contribute immensely to the “Make in India” campaign. On top of it, these firms can vigorously spend their resources & time on Digital Marketing to spread the word about their products and services in a short span of time. The “Make in India” campaign is itself a result of organized & well planned digital marketing initiatives by the Indian Government so this online tool can surely be useful for the growth of B2B companies. Hence, every B2B firm needs to have a website along with robust SEO and SMO campaigns to back it with impressive content development!

B2B Digital Marketing – Inseparable from Digital India

Apart from “Make in India”, there is another popular campaign that the Indian Government has been promoting which is “Digital India.” Yes, this very campaign has launched several programs that tend to make all Indian Citizens not just tech savvy but digitally empowered too. This very quest for digital empowerment has boosted the importance of platforms such as apps, email marketing and social media forums to a great extent. Now any budding B2B startup needs to go for a vigorous but well planned digital marketing campaign strategy by keeping these points in mind:

• Top quality Web and SEO content development is as necessary as a website with robust front & back end.

• White hat SEO Off-Page techniques are as necessary as a perfect On-Page SEO to channelize the content tactfully online.

• Various SMO platforms need to be taken up for a company’s B2B marketing such as IndiaMart, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, SlideShare, YouTube, Pinterest and so on.

Here, SEO means Search Engine Optimization while SMO means Social Media Optimization that is the basis of a successful digital marketing campaign even if it’s for B2B services. B2B marketing is old meeting the new

It was quite known that some years ago B2B marketing was only about searching the telephone directory or the Internet and calling up potential customers. But in today’s day and age, B2B marketing through digital marketing is about gathering potential customer leads through SEO, SMO and Google platforms. 

If any person shows interest through a B2B company’s social media page or social profile posts then he or she can be told to contact the firm via phone, email or WhatsApp. These are all the things that give immense boost to Digital B2B marketing and slogans such as “Make in India” and “Digital India” turn all the more popular!

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