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A Brief Guide on How Predictive Analytics Accelerates the Mobile App Development

Android is second largest smartphone platform in the world, hence you can't deny the development of an app for Android platform as your audience is there. However, developing an Android app is not an easy affair since your app needs to be compatible with different screen sizes and different versions

A Brief Guide on How Predictive Analytics Accelerates the Mobile App Development

Tuesday June 18, 2019,

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Did you know that there are roughly 6 billion mobile users all over the world and around 194 billion mobile apps that have been downloaded in 2018 itself?

These figures show how drastically the world is adopting the digital means of networking, communication, and development.

But is it enough to just develop a mobile app for your organization and get back to your daily routine work? What if you get the power to know how the app is going to perform even before it does?

This might sound unrealistic! But actually, this is possible.


You might have heard somewhere about predictive analytics that gets you the information on how users are going to act within the application you developed. The main objective of incorporating Predictive analytics in a mobile app is to know, prevent, and boost the action going to happen in the future. Before knowing at which stages of mobile application development, predictive analytics can be incorporated, it is important to know about what it is and what it does, and what benefits it would bring to make your application the best mobile app centered businesses.

Let’s discuss.

What is Predictive Analytics?

Predictive Analytics is the analysis that predicts how your application is going to work for the users. It includes the estimation and statistical data to create a pattern which predicts the application performance before it has been launched. To know the impact of such an insightful analytical technique, we need to get into the details of mobile app development and post mobile app launch.

How Predictive Analytics Accelerates Mobile App Development?

Generally, mobile app developers generate a huge amount of data specific to a mobile app such as for quality check, testing, and a number of daily tasks. However, this data majorly focuses on short and long-term project success. Developers who incorporate Predictive Analytics in their mobile app developmental cycles to know the patterns of unstructured and structured data sets are extremely closer to success. With the use of predictive analytics, mobile app developers get the algorithms that help them identify the problems before the deployment of the application.

Practical Insights on the use of Predictive Analytics

In order to know how your mobile application is going to work, it is important that you know the correct use of predictive analytics. There are three steps that you need to follow in order to get the best results.

Proper Planning

Predictive planning is of extreme importance as it eliminates the repetitive errors that often takes place. When we use predictive analytics to identify those errors they result in buggy codes, the count of code lines delivered by the developers, and the time invested to write those codes. This way, Predictive analytics provides information on whether or not they would be able to meet the scheduled delivery date.

Predictive Analytics DevOps

DevOps is known as the merger of mobile application development and operations. It also helps to develop a mobile app in less time consumption. Predictive analytics help identify which coding approach is causing a bad user experience if the data is flowing back to the developers. With Predictive analytics, failure patterns can be recognized and accordingly the features and other functions of the app can be modified to fix the issues that can take place in the future before the app release.

Advanced Testing

It is better to use predictive analytics to identify at which stage the mobile app is crashing, instead of testing every combination of interfaces and user actions. Predictive Analytics uses algorithms to measure the common points in between the user execution and focus on identifying the common execution paths.

Benefits of Using Predictive Analytics

There are a number of ways in which predictive analytics can be used to enhance the business’ overall experience. However, in order to make the most use out of it, it is recommended to hire a dedicated predictive analytics company who knows the benefits of predictive analytics applications and their proper execution.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is one of the best ways to attract customers towards your application. With predictive analytics, you can give users rich experience by offering personalized listing, messages, filters, choices, and preferences. This way you customize the user experience and engage them up o a great extent.

User Retention

The bounce rate of users is higher when the application isn’t fulfilling the needs of the customers. Predictive analytics play a significant role when it comes to user retention. It gives full control to the application admin to have a clear idea of the problems so that they can correct it before it becomes persistent. Admin can also add features and amplify the app according to their customers’ preferences.

Identification of Screen Content

Predictive analytics has the ability to detect the element which is turning down the users from your app. It lets you know the exact screen from where most users leave the app. Therefore, with this information, developers need not change the entire application, instead, they can simply change that page.

Predictive Analytics in Enterprises

Enterprises are mostly benefited from using Predictive Analytics. Reason being, most enterprises are struggling in their CRM domain and also in human resources. Predictive analytics gives you an insight into the various stages at which the client prefers to switch than to continue with your organization.

Summing Up

One of the best things that predictive analytics has to offer you is the clear intimation of the risks that could happen in the near future. To avoid that you can use various predictive analytics tools such as Flurry, Amplitude, and Localytics. However, make sure that you hire a dedicated company or a team of experts before using these tools. These tools work great for your enterprise and give desired results. Therefore, with experienced and skilled experts’, start developing a mobile application for your business that can attract a huge number of the audience while analyzing its performance side by side.