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Digital Marketing Feature

Digital Marketing Feature

Saturday April 08, 2017,

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Content marketing planning is needed to improve because although content is accomplished properly, content creation and its circulation, it can result in huge returns for a brand. Because this year demand for interactive content is on the rise. 2016 everyone talked about video. But in 2017 the trend is content. This allows for participation & experiences. B2C content marketing need to focus on delivering quality, because content contributions need to be entertaining, informative, and creative. People need images on Facebook posts & include a visual part of it. Even on Tweeter should have images,Info-graphics still perform very well explain your contain with it.


Online video content increase mobile traffic and this year has seen a huge rise in video sharing in social media, so will the need for live video content like Facebook Live now make it easy for brands and businesses to connect with their customers & followers.

Now to increase Businesses & customer sales marketers need big data to build their campaigns around customer. Upcoming year marketers have to think about ad-blocking technology and start accepting to new reality of online campaigns.