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Mobile App Technology and Related Trends

Thursday December 08, 2016,

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Mobile phones, being the primary source of communication nowadays, have led to various technological advancements. New applications for engaging customers are always round the corner; android, being the most familiar operating system, has over 22,00,000 applications itself on Google Play Store. Therefore, to become a customer's choice, applications are required that they have something more than just an interactive interface. Let us brief ourselves with what can be the technological pillars of application development in the foreseeable future:

Cross Platform Application Development

The need for creating cross platform applications arises when an enterprise develops a dedicated app for a single platform and a new code has to be developed from scratch for other platforms. Using APIs helps in developing multi-platform supported application with a single code, thereby helping you save money and time.

Use of Cloud-Based Technology

Earlier, the use of native databases or servers was in vogue, which made it difficult for users to access certain data from remote locations. Cloud-based technology has helped users to access the required data anytime, irrespective of the location. Also, it involves less capital investment because there is no physical infrastructure required for cloud storage.

Emerging Wearable Devices

Compared to mobile phones and laptops, integrated devices have simplified the use of applications, taking them to a smaller and easily accessible screen and providing enhanced sensing, privacy and functionality. Though smartphones seem really important to us, wearable devices are expected to change the market scenario in the near future. Therefore, developing applications that are compatible with wearable technology can earn an enterprise more customers.

Meet User Expectation

Today, people with and without technical knowledge use mobile applications; therefore, it is necessary to think from users' perspective while developing an application. The services should be helpful and the interface should be easy to operate. Certain applications like Callme4, Uber, Paytm, etc. are designed to help a layman meet their day-to-day needs without any confusion.

“Internet of Things” is the Future

Soon our daily practices are going to be connected with “Internet of Things”. It is believed to simplify the lives of people by bringing their dependency on multiple devices down to a limited few.

To have a progressive experience, it is necessary for enterprises to become familiar with these upcoming trends and technology in the digital ecosystem. This will ensure better user engagement and promise growth.