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A Complete Guide to Social Entrepreneurship

A Complete Guide to Social Entrepreneurship

Thursday May 23, 2019,

5 min Read

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is considered as one of the most powerful means of bringing a positive change in the social world. It is a systematic process of finding a solution to the worse scenarios in the most logical manner.

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

You must be wondering what is social entrepreneurship? Well, it is nothing but a process of analysing the social problems and organising, creating and managing that problem for a change. Social Entrepreneurship is just attracting and growing amounts of talent and attention.

In simple words, it is about recognising the social problems first and then solving it. However, solving here does not mean to eradicate the social problem but to rectify or decrease to some extent. It is also about doing business for a social cause. In this kind of business, profit maximisation and social responsibility towards the nation go hand in hand for the expansion and diversification of the company.

How Does Social Entrepreneurship Groom Your Life?

Social Entrepreneurship offers a plethora of benefits to human life. Given below are some of the advantages that can help a social entrepreneur to find the most appropriate remedy of all the social problems:

It Connects You to Your Life Purpose

This is one of the reasons how does social entrepreneurship grooms or improves your life. Usually, people remain confused about their purpose, aim or goal. But after finding the purpose it provides you an opportunity to do your work more passionately. As it is that platform where you can solve social problems while feeling connected to your life purpose.

It Keeps You Motivated

There are times when everybody needs the motivation to do or tackle any work. When the question was asked to Ido Leffler about what keeps you motivated so he answered: “Success is my motivation “. He said that from the very beginning I wanted to have a long-lasting impact on people’s lives, we did not want to remain ordinary like others.

It Brings You Lasting Happiness

Some people find happiness in doing good for them and some people find happiness in doing good for others. Social entrepreneurs are like those people who want to make others happy with their work. Besides that, it also motivates you to do more hard work than before.

It is What Today’s Customers Want

Consumers only want those products, goods or services which gives something valuable to them in return. Conduct market research and analysis in order to identify and create those products and services which are in demand and this will eventually help you to stay connected with your customers. If you provide high-quality services to your customers then it will lead to the building of customer base and brand loyalty in the social market.

Steps to Become a Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneurship is a way to connect all the talents and abilities together. It is uniting the bunch of powerful forces for a positive change in the future course of action. So, let’s have a look at the steps that can help a person to become a social entrepreneur:

Find Your Passion

Knowing your passion already is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to do a lot of self-communication in order to find your desire or passion. But if you still have doubts about the passion, ask these questions to yourself, this will really help you a lot- What motivates you? What is your strength? What is so much important for you.

Write a Mission Statement

In order to start, it is obvious that should that you should be clear of what are going to do. Plan before starting anything. Before starting anything ask these questions form you- What I am going to? How will this happen? Whom it will benefit?  By doing this, you will get your mission statement which will eventually help you to clear your own doubts.

Research, Research, and Research

Your next step is doing some research work. What you have to do it, just research and search something informative into those business areas in which you want to work. That will help you to analyse the whole system and you will get an idea to deal with it. Do your part by doing research and analyse what is the main cause of the problem and how can you solve it.

Conceptualise Your Unique Offering

It is clear that the customers always opt for those things or services which they think is different from the rest. They always choose what is valuable to them. So, your next step is to make yourself unique from the others otherwise you will become just a part of the crowd. Think and analyze what unique can you provide to your customers what others are not providing.

Make Your Action Plan

It is noticed that most of the people have the habit to make an action plan but they never stick of it. So, what is the purpose of making an action plan. But it is recommended that you should not make this mistake. The action plan also includes your to-do-list.

For example, your action plan will include- What exact work you have to do, when is the deadline, how much time will take to be completed, etc. But always include those tasks which you can do otherwise, just like others that action plan will be of no use for you.

Final Words:

Social entrepreneurship is a medium to create social innovation and change. It also holds the key for the future. In the coming time, social entrepreneurs will play a very vital role in the advancement of the social changes because this is the only profession which measures the success by social development is just the development other than the profit. In coming days, social entrepreneurship will be in the mainstream business which will hopefully impact the society at large on a positive note. As everybody will agree on the fact, that only the social entrepreneurs identify opportunities to solve social problems.