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A Crash Course in Digital Marketing

A Crash Course in Digital Marketing

Thursday September 27, 2018,

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A Crash Course in Digital Marketing
A Crash Course in Digital Marketing

Today, we are living in a world surrounded by the digital media, and we cannot skip this from our lives in anyway. A massive growth has happened and continues to take place in the field of digital marketing now, as compared to the old marketing trends which prevailed in the past. Almost 93% of activities online are related to a search engine, confirming the never-ending effectiveness of SEO as an important marketing strategy. About 80% Americans make an online purchase once a month and the trends in India are soon going to be similar.

Therefore, digital marketing as a career has immense potential. For people who think technically, the presence of high demand prevails along with high earning potential, for those specialized in technology like SEO and SEM, as this is the base of what leads to profits in any business. Anyone starting or leading a business needs to have the basic knowledge of digital marketing in order to keep the business earning profits for you. That is why many are opting for digital marketing course.

The four essential aspects of Digital marketing are as follows:

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is the most important aspect of digital marketing. The first thing related to a search is the multiple results provided by a search engine when we are looking for a product or any service. Being found on search engine is most effective and makes more sense than forcing an ad, through mediums like web banners, YouTube, etc. Coming as the first option on the list provided by the search engines is the job of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization); in other words, it is the process of making a web page most visible in a search engine than other related ones.

But for most people, SEO is just a source of getting more traffic to a website. Whereas the reality is different, it means much more than only traffic. It is the roots which make the business sustain by the use of correct strategies, which can lead to make your site most visible, including both onsite and offsite optimization. A very successful SEO campaign can make a business reach its success in the long run. There are several instinctive processes, such as content marketing and back linking, related to SEO that need expert attention to make SEO as target achiever and extremely successful. If you are thinking of starting out with the help of your own SEO designed plan, you will need to have a survey of your online effects on competitors and your special customer activities. Designing search optimization techniques has an ardent effect not only on the traffic, but on the desired, high-quality traffic. Any digital marketing institute will teach this aspect of digital marketing surely. 

2. Ad Networks via Banner Ads on Display

These are the graphical banners that are usually seen next to content, on any web pages / search engines / social media sites / blogs / news websites. Usually, payment is done on CPM (cost per thousand impressions) format or CPA (cost per acquisition) format. But the success of this depends on few factors like when to display marketing/banners, realising the fact of brand building in sales, the visual appeal of the product, and the popularity of the product you are promoting. Even the placement of the banner plays an important role and last but not the least an effective design to grab the attention of the visitors is a must.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media has been spreading greatly. It is the most powerful and effective media on the internet, and a platform for a business to reach millions of people. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the commonly used platforms by almost all organizations for the sake of promoting their brands and products. Using the social media platform for business provides you with effective results in the long run; for that, the most important thing is to choose the best social media platform that will suit your business, as the reach of each platform varies in size.

There are several pros and cons of the platforms you must know so that it becomes easy for you to decide which will best suit your nature of business; for instance, there is no sense connecting with Pinterest or Instagram if your business is not related to visual content. Most of the institutes imparting digital marketing training in hyderabad cover this in their course curriculum. You will even need to decide what are the resources which need to be dedicated to social media platforms; from the aspect of both traffic and budget, social media will show results only if you can give more time and effort to it. But once you have decided the channels that best fit your business to manage your engagement and handle the distribution of the right content through a social media planner, the reward of the digital marketing strategy will be fulfilling.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest of all concepts, still prevailing as the most relevant one in the field of digital marketing. This is a medium through which old customers and other new visitors are given the information about the different products and services rendered by the company. The readers are also appealed to join in the different types of delightful activities performed under the business concern. Every digital marketing course in Hyderabad touches upon this concept for students.

Email marketing since the beginning has been a strong form of marketing platform that can complement your other strategies. Unlike social media marketing, email marketing is more reserved in nature and helps to strengthen your old relations with your precious audience. We strongly think that email marketing is boosted a lot by social media by different ways, by careful analysis of few FAQ like how to channel social media through email? How to build your email database through social media? How to distribute content and what’s the right content strategy for blending social media and email marketing?

If you plan our business strategies keeping in mind these digital marketing basics, you can achieve your business goals.