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A Few Quick Tips to Help You get the BIS Certification in India Easily

BIS works towards maintaining the quality, safety, and reliability of products in India.

A Few Quick Tips to Help You get the BIS Certification in India Easily

Tuesday December 04, 2018,

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It's quite vital to ensure that the products that we are using hold good quality and are safe to use. Keeping the same into consideration, an international agency in Geneva, Switzerland established an organization called the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

India is also a member of this organization, and that's called Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Products adhering to the standards mentioned by BIS are certified. The Bureau of Indian Standards reviews the Indian Standards once in 5 years. Formerly, BIS was known as the Indian Standards Institution.

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Now, the question that would be arising in your mind may be why you need to have BIS Certification. Even, are you eligible to obtain it? Likewise, you will have many concerns, but don't worry. We will clear your doubts through this blog. So let's get started-

What's the purpose of BIS Certification?

Typically, BIS works towards maintaining the quality, safety, and reliability of products in India. The prime purpose of BIS is to test samples of products during the preliminary and surveillance operations. And, for the same, it has established eight central, four regional, and three branch laboratories in the country.

Therefore, BIS Certification is encouraged by the government for the following purposes:

·        Protecting the consumer from hazardous products;

·        Providing a safeguard to the public health;

·        Providing quality assurance; and

·        Promoting consumer confidence.

What activities does BIS oversee?

Given below are the following activities BIS oversee:

·        Compulsory Registration Scheme

·        Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme

·        Hall Marking Scheme

·        Standards Formulation

·        Product Certification Scheme

·        Laboratory Services

·        Laboratory Recognition Scheme

·        Sale of Indian Standards

·        Training Services, National & International level

·        Information Services

·        Consumer Affairs Activities

·        Promotional Activities

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Who can apply for BIS certification?

People or group who can apply for BIS certification are-

  • Manufacturers of notified products established in India or outside the country under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS);
  • Separate registration for products producing at different locations;
  • Separate registration for each brand producing at the same location is required to have BIS certification.

There are various schemes under BIS certification which can help the certified users.

Steps for BIS certification

The certification process of BIS is quite simple. All you need to do is to contact Enterslice and our team will assist you throughout the process. The steps involved in the registration process are:

Step1: Sign in with User ID and Password. If you’re a new user, then click new product registration.

Step2: The next step is to fill Form VI.

Step3: Then, you’re required to make payment as required.

Step4: After you have filled the form and made the payment, then click on Submit button.

Step5: You will receive an auto-generated mail with the application number.

Step6: Submit the hard copy of the application with 15 days; test report in original, which must not be older than 30 days, should be submitted with the application. (The test report should be from recognized BIS labs).

Step7: BIS will scrutinize the application. In case of any query or objection, the applicant will have to reply to them online.

Step8: Once the objection is addressed and affidavit cum undertaking is submitted- Registration is granted.

Documents required for BIS registration

The applicants are supposed to submit the following documents:

  • Application form as per the prescribed format is given in Annexure I.
  • Self Evaluation Report as per the required format described in Annexure II.
  • Original test reports from the recognized BIS laboratory, not older than 30 days. It must mention all the requirements as per the relevant category.
  • A scanned copy of the acknowledgment received from the portal screenshot of the online file submission.
  • Address proof that could be the business license or any documents issued by the government.
  • Demand draft with the prescribed fees along with the Xerox of DD and NEFT details.
  • The undertaking document.
  • Affidavit as per Format C.

We assume that the blog was capable of meeting your needs on how to get BIS certification. In case, you want to know more about it, or you want to apply for the same, then contact Enterslice.