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Why I started Be Bold Creative?

I quit Goldman Sachs, D.E. Shaw, Teach for India and Adjetter to start a magazine called Be Bold People.

Friday January 06, 2017,

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It was April 2010 when I joined the elite Goldman Sachs. By the second week of working at Goldman, I knew it wasn't meant for me. The excel sheets were getting to me and I was like a dead man walking on the second floor of Crystal Downs at Embassy Golf Links. I came with an objective to put down my papers every single day but never did it until April 2013. I survived three years of reconciling bank loan data and sold my soul in the process of doing so. I quit to join an NGO called Teach for India because I wanted my soul back. However, in two weeks I realized that my soul was actually craving for entrepreneurship more than any other form of stable work life. With guilt in my heart I left Teach for India and returned to Bangalore. 

When I returned to Bangalore my parents looked at me like I had committed a grave sin by running away from Goldman. They never understood my dream of starting up because they never understood me. I was at home for nearly two months and the stress of doing nothing was getting to me. I needed to get back into the game. And the only game I would be allowed to participate in would be returning to a bank and reconcile data. So I started applying again with my main focus on The D.E. Shaw Group because I liked the company. I had no idea about "Total Return Swaps" and it was the department I was applying to. I got the job after ten rounds of interview. They could see it in my eyes that I wasn't going to stay, but they still gave it to me. The D.E. Shaw stint lasted for ten months. 

I returned to Bangalore once again, and this time I decided to work with an ad agency no matter how bad the pay might me. And so I joined Adjetter where I learnt everything about what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to become a writer. I quit Adjetter in five months and started up Be Bold 360 with my two great friends Karthik and Piyush. 

At Be Bold 360 we provide creative services for brands and companies that need communication, design and technology solutions to relate with their target audience. This was the boldest move of my career and life. And at this point I wanted to create a magazine that would recognize people across various genres such as entrepreneurs, artists, social reformers, teachers, writers, singers, dancers, actors, comedians and other influencers. With the help of my co-founders and team, we've been able to create a magazine called Be Bold People (www.beboldpeople.com) which has international appeal and is growing with inspiring stories every day. 

Author: Zakki Ishaq Sait