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6 Easy Ways to Make Cool Cash At Home

An easy and effective ways to make cool cash from home.

6 Easy Ways to Make Cool Cash At Home

Saturday October 22, 2016,

6 min Read

Anyone could be in need of cash at any point of time. These days, technology, such as the Internet makes it easy for you to find ways to make cool cash fast. For homeowners or landlords, earning extra cash out of their home is a breeze if they pay attention to the following six best ways to turn their home into a money-making goldmine. It takes only a few pointers to begin filling your bank account with cash coming from clients who have need for services and infrastructure that you can provide from inside your home.

So how do you make cool cash out of your home? List your services with third-party portals online that connect buyers with sellers, or that link service mongers with service providers. Online browsers are sure to find you when you use appropriate keywords when listing your services.


1. Storage Capacity

You may have observed that your home has extra space which for months may not be used. It could be your pantry, which engulfs your unused properties/items. Once you dispose these items, the storage space becomes something that you can utilize as a money-maker periodically. Think about offering storage solutions to people who need them.

Every extra space in your home offers the opportunity for business. People who are moving to and fro, or those with too many luggage or property sometimes need a space to keep their stuff before they find a permanent place to stay. So, how do you start?

Look online. There are websites like that link homeowners or landlords with people who are looking for where to keep their items. But if you can’t find any, simply visit local online forums and post your service in the appropriate section.

There are companies offering home-moving services that you may need to contact and let them know you have space for their customers who may have temporary storage needs.

You may let your clients know what type of items you don’t want stored in your home. Once you list your home on third-party platforms for free, you’re only required to pay a certain percentage from your earnings with them.

2. Rent out Your Treasures


All of us possess something precious to others who may need it at a particular time. Your clothes, kitchenware, furniture, appliances, tablecloths, glass cups, and other minor valuables in your home are often taken for granted. However, those organizing a party in another part of town may be in urgent need of these things and buying them could just be the last thing on their minds. List what you can rent out at sites like &

You can become a useful business partner when people know that you can always offer your goods at a reasonable rate, being assured you keep these items clean and in good condition all year long. In this way, instead of letting your precious belongings wear and tear, you put them to good use while they earn you cash.

3.Turn Your Home Garden into a Money-Making Treadmill


Many of us try our hands on home gardening. Call it a hobby, but it can easily fetch you cool cash even when you least expect it. What ideas do you need to make it work? Simply be open to explore new horizons. Is your garden full of vegetables? People will be glad to purchase these vegetables from you at a cheaper rate than what the next high-brow supermarket sells vegetables. Your customers will cherish having the opportunity to buy real fresh vegetables from you regularly. You can register for a fee at to get started. Click on the supplier tab to begin registration.

If your gardening space is large enough, you can try your hands at horticulture. Let those who want to buy flowers from you find you at, a portal designed for small business owners to list their services. What a sweet surprise it will be when you become the go-to person in your neighbourhood when it comes to purchasing flowers, green leafy vegetables and other greenery!

4. Cash-in on the Movies


Have you ever thought about opening out your gorgeous home to moviemaking companies? They will do anything to persuade you to let them use your exotic furniture, your well-arranged modern rooms for a film shoot.

Moviemakers are always on the lookout for big homes, the type that exudes the air of a king's palace. Anywhere impressive in your home will certainly be of advantage to raise some cash when you indicate interest in listing it out for movie shooting. Just take some nice pictures and contact film companies, such as and you may get a good deal from them sooner than you think.

5. Provide Comfortable Lodging


In this case, special attention should be paid to the kind of lodging you provide. Keep the floor or rug clean, keep the bedding neat, and make sure no cockroaches roam around and no rats rattle at night. Your customers will fret at the lowest of awkward sounds.

You may not need to be a landlord to be able to provide lodging. Can you make use of one room instead of two? If so, put the other out on the list for lodging sakes.

List your available lodging on, making it easy for foreign and local students browsing the Internet to find you. The registration is free and the site offers a great guarantee for lodgers to take advantage of the service you provide.

Apart from charging for rooms, you could add tea and breakfast to services you provide in a bid to increase revenue. Your overall aim is to provide excellent services that will bring recurring revenue.

6.Parking Lot Profits


There are some business neighborhoods where car owners fight over space from day to day. Even if your neighborhood isn't like that, you can still offer unused space around your home for motorists to park their cars. Motorists often cherish parking under shades. So if you can provide cool space for motorists as parking lots during the day, you can be sure to make money on a regular basis. Some people make thousands of dollars every month doing this.

Get started now by listing your space on to maximize use of the space lying around your compound. If you need an alternative, you could make use of, the largest site linking car owners with owners of parking spaces in India.

No doubt, there are numerous ways in which your home can earn you more money. The primary way to begin a successful business from home is your ability to make needed changes, and your willingness to embrace new ideas. The best way to succeed is by using one or two of the ideas stated here before moving on to others.