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How can invest in a good broadband connection help in boosting your business performance?

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How can invest in a good broadband connection help in boosting your business performance?

Friday May 11, 2018,

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You might think that you have invested in the fastest corporate broadband connection. Your internet service provider may also lure you into believing that you have one. However, have you paid attention towards the fact that how a slow internet connection can hamper your business performance?


Indeed, broadband services are comparatively expensive. Also, you might think that it is wise to save money by investing in cheaper internet connection. The fact that you need to pay attention to here is that shelling out the extra bucks for a quality broadband connection can give you a great return on investments later on. There is a multitude of ways based on which, a fast broadband connection will improve your business performance. Connect broadband connection explains how:

1) A fast broadband connection will boost up efficiency:

According to a study, it has been confirmed that the time a website page takes in loading is indirectly proportional to the number of sales or customer base it will redirect for the business. You may take the instance of Amazon.com that is estimated to lose approximately 1.6 billion of sales resulting from a second’s delay in the loading time of their web pages.

Time and money are of utmost importance and it has been proven time and again. Suppose if it takes your employees to carry out the core business activities about 4 hours in a day. In case 5 percent of this time is wasted due to the internet connection being slow, that would result in 50 hours wasted/employee in an entire year. Add it and it would result in the loss of your hard earned money.

Availing the services of Connect broadband connection will ensure that the time employed by your staff using the internet in carrying out researches, interacting with clients and carrying out other business-related activities lead to extensively productive outputs.

2) Speed is known to alleviate the levels of stress:

As per one of the studies carried out by WHO, stress has been estimated to cost American businesses and approximate of $300 billion every year. Availing the services of Connect broadband connection can result in reduced stress levels amongst your employees as it promises optimum bandwidth speed.

Also, how about devoiding yourself from the stress of that customer sitting on your head and waiting for a resolution while you are unable to help due to a slow broadband connection?

3) Broadband easily supports multiple users:

The speed of the internet can slow down due to multiple user connectivities. This happens because the overall bandwidth gets spread between all of them. You will notice this evidently in case you are using a wireless broadband connection.

As per the guidelines of the Federal Communication Commission, the standard download speed needed to surf a webpage smoothly is 0.5 Mbps to 1 Mbps and for emailing it is 0.5 Mbps. Connect broadband connection offers a broadband connection with the speed of 8 Mbps to start with. The bandwidth speed that connects broadband connection offering ranges up to 50 Mbps.

4) The high-speed broadband connection will help in reducing the expenditures related to business:

The business efficiency that results from employing faster broadband connections will help in increasing the rate of direct savings.

Grant Thornton Inc. saved a total of $ 8 Lakhs by investing in VoIP. It is a technology that lets you make calls using your internet services. Now, if you think this could be quite a modest saving for your own business. Indeed, VoIP operated with the help of a broadband connection. And, you know that connect broadband connection can give you exactly what you need.

Hence you can avail their services with the feature of connecting broadband book online. This feature enables you to avail their services by dropping in a request to them instantly.