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Inventory 2018 best fitness smart wearable device

The best fitness smart wear is no longer just a cheap, plastic activity bracelet. You should have to get refreshed all time after finishing your work. 

Inventory 2018 best fitness smart wearable device

Thursday February 15, 2018,

11 min Read

There are great brands like Fitbit, Garmin, Wittings and Misfit on the market, and their equipment also offers more rigorous style, 24/7 heart rate monitoring and useful health insights. For the user, a suitable bracelet will be active based on his personal needs and lifestyle. Some people only need to calculate the number of steps and reliable sleep tracking, while others need GPS to locate, advanced measurement of resting heart rate and maximum oxygen uptake. The good news is that in the following introduction, there is a piece of fitness smart wear suitable for him.


The best fitness tracker

Fitbit Charge 2


Fitbit Charge 2 has risen its position on smartwatches and although the device initially performed slightly below its expectations, Fitbit Charge 2 has been improving its smart wearable device since its launch, giving it an excellent rating, And boarded the top of the list. In addition to the usual pedometer and sleep tracking - all user records are on Fitbit's awesome app - the Charge2 tracks heart rate monitors resting heart rate and now evaluates health. To combat stress, a major new breathing exercise is added to health functions, and Fitbit's new breath training provides insight into software updates that make this feature even more effective in sleep trackers.

Heart rate tracking becomes very weak during a very stressful exercise, which means it is not enough for a heavy user, and we still have some minor complaints about this interface. But it will accurately track GPS positioning, provided that you want to bring your cell phone.

That being said, but Fitbit Charge 2 is one of the most powerful devices on the market and now our number one tracker.

Features: Step count, sleep monitoring, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, breathing training, maximum oxygen uptake

Bracelet runner-up

Garmin Vivosmart HR +


Our Garmin Vivosmart HR + has reached our best score when it arrives. It's all about singing, dancing and his tech pack, which cannot be the perfect choice for everyone. Yes, Fitbit charge2 is already on the top of the list, but Vivosmart HR + offers great activity for heart rate testing and GPS tracking which is easy for those bracelets, but the dilemma is trying to run on one phone. Although it's still a little thicker and the screen is less appealing than the Fitbit Alta HR, it's great when it comes out to provide about a week of battery life. It is water resistant to about 50 meters in depth despite the disappointing lack of swimming patterns.

Running statistics show that if you want better speed, tracking distance, or basic personal data, you need to move into the GPS watch area properly.

Functional tests: pedometer, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, global positioning system.

Best for health

Garmin Vivosmart 3


This fitness smart wearable product is Vivosmart HR +, Garmin hopes to be able to face with Fitbit's two products in order to ease the pressure on the market.

It still has a sporty rubber band in design, but now has a larger monochrome display that fits onto the curvilinear bracelet and keeps it as low as possible.

In addition to standard health tracking, it includes a built-in heart rate monitor for recording bpm data, maximal oxygen uptake testing, 24-hour tracking, Garmin's mobile IQ software for 24/7, Human count. Running tracker with an accelerometer to make up for GPS shortcomings. Garmin's primary mission is stress track, using its heart rate sensor to provide heart rate readings and generate stress scores. Like charge 2, it also provides breathing training to make you feel calmer. This is an occasional training, but if you want to take care of your own thoughts and body, this is the best choice.

Characteristic: Step count, sleep monitoring, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, heart rate variability stress score, maximum oxygen uptake, count.

The best heart rate tracking

Withings Steel HR


Hybrid smartwatches tend to have some understanding of the core fitness functions, but not like Withings Steel HR. The top heart rate monitor pays close attention to your 24/7 data under the stainless steel case and records it in the award-winning Withings Health Mate app. Even more impressive, Steel HR has 25 days of battery life, a low profile design and life department that puts Fitbit 's liking.

All steps, sleep and calories are accurately recorded, and after a long press of the button, the Steel HR goes into jogging mode to track distance and heart rate zones - although not GPS, it's similar to Garmin The alternative exists.

At 12 o'clock the OLED display shows health indicators and provides basic notification details, internal dialing at 6 o'clock shows you the progress of your step goal. It is the best fitness hybrid we've tested and the one that's best for your wrist.

Features: pedometer, sleep test, 24/7 heart rate, 25-day battery.

The simplest bracelet

Misfit Ray


Misfit's this product, breaking the traditional round glow design, make it more detailed. Misfit Ray offers a few steps and sleep tracking, both in Misfit's sleek and concise app and reminds users to send messages and calls using paired smartphones. You can also add advanced swimming tracking, but this requires a $ 10 purchase, making Ray a better experience.

In terms of motion tracking, Ray passes 3-axis accelerometers, calculates your steps, measures the tracking distance, and tracks activities such as cycling, yoga and dancing. There is no heart rate measurement here, no GPS.

As for customization, Misfit also offers many good strap options, and it can also be used as a pendant strap. This strong fitness tracker and good price means you will not go wrong.

Features: Counting Steps, Sleep Tracking, Smartphone Notifications.

Most personal

Fitbit Alta HR


Although the Fitbit Alta HR is not much different in appearance from its older brother, adding a heart rate monitor to the same fashion device is clearly an excellent smart wearable product. It is often said that smart wearing a screen is unlikely to be appealing, but Alta HR's optional replacement strap helps make it a very intimate part of everyday life. You can choose low-end sports classic styles from black, blue, mauve and turquoise, while the more expensive luxury wristbands are leather and metal variants.

Technically, AltaHR's strengths are: sleep tracking, heart testing and overall health. For heart rate tracking, the interval is 5 seconds and the resting bpm and area are recorded during the session.

Although there is no exercise mode or GPS, exercise is automatically detected and recorded, which means it is useful in fitness classes. There may be some abnormalities in high-intensity training that the bodybuilder feels frustrated, but it usually gives you a basic window on your fitness and physical condition.

Features: Counting Steps, Sleep Tracking, HR Tracking, Customized Bracelet and Information Notifications.

Most suitable for parents

Misfit Shine 2


When Misfit introduced the watch in 2012, it proved that you could count your steps without wearing an ugly plastic band on your wrist.

The Shine 2 is still loyal to the original features, adding redesigned motion clips, smartphone notifications and vibration alerts. In addition, the battery life on this page will be the tail of any tracker is very different.

What makes it really impressive is the accuracy of the data. When we put the Shine 2 on a GPS watch, the reading was 0.1 km. If reliable data is what you're after, then this is what you want.

However, for us, it stands out because of its versatility. It is carried with clips and attached to the shirt, pattern belts, shoes and pockets.

Features: Steps Tracked, Sleep Monitor, Smartphone Notifications, Waterproof Swimming Tracker.

Most suitable for children

Twin Chi smart student shoes

When Shuangchi Smart launched its student smart shoes in 2017, this meant that parents could safely put their heart hanging for baby care.

Shuangchi intelligent student shoes design Shoe body built-in G-sensor (gravity sensor), can automatically recognize whether to take off your shoes so that parents judge shoes are off, and effectively saving power consumption. Rely on the powerful gravity sensor background data also achieved a precision algorithm, real-time recording, recording baby exercise data. Simply do not need to download the app, directly through the WeChat, qq binding can be real-time attention to baby dynamic, release baby circle, help in the city to find.

It really allows users to coveted more than just these huge features but more details, dual-Chi smart shoes can be achieved at the same time managing a baby and a baby family co-management, which represents a lot of effort can be saved for their parents. If you are a mom who needs more free time, then this student smart shoe is your best choice.

However, for the baby, this student's smart shoe, which is both water-repellent and ion-radiation-proof with ultrasonic sealing technology, is an essential weapon for going to school. It is also a guardian angel on the path of growing up with friends.

Features Check: Calculate the number of steps to identify take off your shoes, no need to download APP, while a number of baby management, waterproof anti-radiation radiation.

Best shape

Moov Now


Moov is now a small, rounded element that you can clip on a strap, wear on your lap, and work with a smartphone. The goal is a sports training program that is good at sports, swimming and cycling, with the goal of giving you an edge in your favorite sport.

The bracelet shape has more and more difficulty, this provides a gradual but obvious improvement trend. From running and a few minutes of training, it includes all the basics of exercise.

Better yet, Moov - the second generation - can also be used as a daily routine and sleep tracker, making it a great activity bracelet when you do not break the gap.

Features Check: Pedometer, Sleep, Advanced Sports Coach, Running / Bike Tracker.

The best price

Mi Mi 2

Outside of China, the millet bracelet 2 may not be as cost-effective as its predecessor, the millet bracelet, but it now adds an OLED display to test your data. With a price below $ 50, it still packs heart rate monitoring on the wrist at an amazing price.

In China alone, millet has sold more than 1 million bracelets, which is probably one of the best fitness smart wear.

Feature Check: HR Tracking, Pedometer, Sleep, Smart Alert, Caller Alert.

The best product to lose weight

TomTom Touch


Although it is far from perfect. That's why - the unique Tom-tom Touch is used to place the weight sensor helps to track the user's weight because it builds on the body's composition sensor.

Put your finger on the sensor, it will accurately analyze your body fat and muscle percentage. There is a few percent difference between scales, but this is a good way to track your workout regime.

Features: Sleep, pedometer, 24/7 heart rate, body composition.

Most suitable for a number of sports

Garmin Vivoactive HR


This everyday movement of smart wear incorporates fitness and athleticism into affordable packages. It's not a pretty look, but do not let it let you go - Vivoactive's HR uses GPS to accurately track the speed and distance of running, biking and swimming.

It's not perfect - the screen is dark and the heart rate tracking cannot go beyond the chest strap. However, it's a good bet to use Garmin Connect with an easy-to-use sports partner.

Functional check: Daily pedometer, 24/7 heart rate, GPS running / Bike / Golf tracking, notification.

The best screen quality

Samsung Gear Fit2

When it comes to the front AMOLED panel, the new Samsung Gear Fit2 has become the dominant here. Because many bracelets use high-quality color displays to extend battery life, they look dull one by one. The device uses a luxurious 1.5-inch screen, astonishing 432 x 216, 322 pixels per inch.

In fitness, built-in GPS for running track and optical heart rate monitor, all in order to become a very competitive price tag.

Features: Pedometer, Sleep, GPS and Optical Heart Rate.

The best style

Skagen Hagen Connected

When it comes to fitness tracking, few are as good as Fossil. It has so many line-ups that it is impossible to outline its contours here and it will also be able to make the ever-larger and bulky watches collectible one by one smarter.

But this is Skagen Hagen Connected (a sub-brand of Fossil) that we have chosen here. The watch itself is thin and smooth, with four styles, tracking steps, sleep tracking and buzz notifications.

Features: Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Caution Notice.