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I was born again!

Sunday December 18, 2016,

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Is it possible to apply logic to everything we witness in life? I got rid of this question, which has been incessantly plaguing me for a very long time, when I came across an experience that stumped me! I realized that there are certain situations in life, which transcend the barriers of logic, critical reasoning or anything that can be captured by our insatiable mind. To be born again is one such example. In my opinion being born again refers to a point in life when you embrace and assimilate a new "concept" for yourself, which is again not driven by logic. It is not something which is innate, instead it is a realization, which comes to you either when you let go of our old concept or when someone helps you to unlearn and relearn the fundamentals of life - That's my take on the subject.

When we talk of birth, it's worth taking references from the Vedas, which says that before a conditioned soul takes the form of a human being, it passes through a cycle of 8.4 million species, according to its karma. This is indeed a gloomy cycle and a struggle which we are not even aware of. However, even after we are born as human beings, our struggle doesn't end. We remain engaged in our battle, fighting it out everyday. I am no exception to it and I've had mine as well! The battle I am referring to is inconsequential. It's history...however my transformation is not! Having fought the toughest one of my life for a very long time and having exhausted all the avenues to believe my old "concept", I was left with no other option than to give up, until something great happened and a very beautiful realization came to me that, "when shifts and transition shake you to the core, see that as a sign of greatness that is about to occur". Yes! it occurred recently - the day when "I was born again!" and I concluded that, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain!"

However, the question is - did this realization unfold itself? or there was someone, who in a very magical and unspoken ways, helped me learn the fundamentals again?

Before I sign off, here's a thought I leave you to ponder, which comes from my Master. He says that -"You need to know your present position in order to reach your destination"...Fortunately, I have figured out mine!