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10 Must-Have Tools for The Ultimate Workshop

A workshop needs an extensive range of basic and advanced tools and equipment, like torque tools in India, to transform itself into an ultimate workshop. If you are aiming for one such workshop, make sure that it has the ten must-have tools mentioned in this post. 

10 Must-Have Tools for The Ultimate Workshop

Friday March 17, 2017,

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Right from the Archimedes description of pulley and lever system to the mechanism of wheel and axle by the ancient Greek philosophers, hand tools have always played an important role in human progress.

While several tools have gone through a significant transformation from what they used to be in the earlier days and many of them have been converted to into machines and equipment, their objective remains the same. The only thing that has changed apart from their physical appearance is the amount of convenience they now offer.

An ultimate workshop requires a number of these tools to keep up with the simplest and most complex of requirements while still ensuring maximum safety. If you are aiming to have one such workshop, ensure that you have the ten must-have tools mentioned below-

1. Soldering Station- If soldering takes place at the workshop, an advanced soldering machine is a must have. If soldering is not done on a regular basis, even a lightweight, battery-operated soldering iron will do.

2. Automated Screwing Solutions- To save time and efforts, an automatic electric screwdriver is also an ideal addition to a workshop. These are very easy-to-use, safe and are available in several variants.

3. Torque Wrench- Torque tools in India are also important for every workshop. As compared to a standard wrench, a torque wrench is easier to use and are more efficient.

4. Trimmer Radial- With a hand crank, a trimmer radial makes the process of cutting radial taped components smoother. The tapered design of its blade ensures adequate pressure to avoid any kind of damage to the components.

5. Liquid Dispenser- By keeping the viscosity of the liquids low, a liquid dispenser dispenses liquid in an efficient manner. They are generally controlled by a switch or foot pedal.

6. Cutting Tool- For complex electronic components, it is also very important to have a precision cutting tool. These cutters can easily cut through soft lead and copper wires.

7. Cleanroom Supplies- If the workshop has a cleanroom, it also needs a host of supplies like synthetic wiper, adhesive floor mat, sterile wipers and a lot more. A reputed cleanroom stationery supplier, like Sumitron in Delhi, India , should be considered for these supplies.

8. Infrared Thermometer- This non-contact type thermometer is used for measuring the temperature in electric circuits, equipment, and other systems.

9. Tape Dispenser- Unlike standard tape rolls, a tape dispenser makes the packing process simple and quick. With simple operation and multiple tape cutting lengths, these dispensers surely deserve a stop in every workshop.

10. Glue Gun- If the glue is used in the packaging process, a glue gun too, is a must. They usually feature a temperature adjustor which makes them compatible with different types of glue formulations.

These are 10 of the must-have tools for every ultimate workshop. Rather than buying them individually from multiple suppliers, look for a reputed supplier who offers all these tools to make sure that you get to buy the best of tools at once.