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Learning to Learn

Towards Quality Literacy For All

Learning to Learn

Wednesday February 22, 2017,

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Hi, I am a learner to profile my learning to the ultima. I google, I rake for knowledge every now and then to the per say of making the world go the to the heavens to relate learning as the modulation of artistic community in regard to making the personality on oneself.

The relates to this encapsulates with far-fetching advances for the exploring which comes via drawing the momentum and spectrum of the new age. For today we don’t rate any teacher as a sage on the say, but a facilitator who is just into sharing the knowledge as an interpreter rather than a saint on the stage sharing the unlearning or the unknown for the say. The pride nourishes with talents getting unrolled with the fashion of making the format the solace way and deliver the pride in making the showcase the positive way to benefit the masses in particular.

The Scenario:

The challenging scenario as teachers and learners’ rests in making the knowledge delivery the better to perforate with the margin to be different what I was yesterday and what I would be tomorrow in particular. The fragrance checks the desire to make the world go the best way forward with the march to generate the spectrum of Learning to Learn the better strokes with the beneficiary satisfaction in particular. The rays of hope generate with the march of time and tide to laminate the success stories of people becoming IAS and PCS with the slated limitations as of reviews and predictions. When we come across a part of information we tend relating it to in a behavioral manner, what is missing of say is the very connect with the information, the information provider and the medium which provided the information in regard to the spectrum.

The preface delivers new and positive ways to mediate with the preface of learning via tools and the applications which appear with us as a minute routine, we tend to check our messages, mails, whatsapp features and no one is here to align the same of pride and perfection in particular.

As a learner of the new age we need to be busy and prepared to face the changes and multiply the spectrum towards sharing for the best and making the art and hamper the best to diagnose and relate to adjust.

The classic example lie before us is the grand parents getting to learn about the commuting about distant via skype or any other software and that too from their grand children at ease. Technology has empowered in fact the say to generate the preface in the best possible manner. The commodities to mention related to decision making with pride and honour, followed with a flavoured inception of knowledge sharing as a personality dwelling feature by the participants.

The traits of learner relate to new phase of computing to herald the causes and encapsulations in direction of:

a. What to know?

b. Where to Know?

c. What to do after knowing?

d. Whom to share?

e. What Next?

The new age learning comes with the pride and honour of knowledge and derivatives with pace of SIX MONTHS of age as we march against time in the field of techno driven world. Let us all get to learn via the rash of technology and become techno strong rather than just being tech savvy !

Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra

VP Academics (Next Education India Pvt Ltd.)



[email protected]