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From the Professor's Desk: "Yes Sir" !!!!

Someone asked me a valid question: How do Professors find the motivation to teach the same concepts every year again and again ??

Thursday October 27, 2016,

3 min Read

Someone asked me a valid question: How do Professors find the motivation to teach the same concepts every year again and again ??

I felt I had to answer this question more subjectively with a clear perspective:

Prof. SAK's top line:

The job of a Professor is a passionate affair, and it is not a 9 - 5 type administrative engagement.

- The one word that keeps us going here each and every day is ‘passion’.

- The same concepts explained to a new batch every year or every new semester/trimester gives us an ‘intellectual high’ that very few other actions will result in.

The best part is that our reach expands in every new batch. So although the concept is the same, I feel motivated to teach this concept (Which I as a Professor have done mastery in, by teaching multiple batches so far) to a new budding batch which does not know it at all.

So, this whole feeling of being a guiding light, a knowledge transfer mechanism and being a mentor to students (Plus being popular among students) and increasing your student base with each batch, these are the factors that act as self motivation.

Variety in teaching same old concept with latest corporate examples:

For example, consider that I am teaching you ‘blue ocean strategy’.

Consider that I have used an example of a brand called Xiaomi last year (i.e. In context of how they applied disruptive innovation the whole process of selling smartphones only over e-tail module) and year before that, I would have to modify and keep up with the times and use some new examples/brands or other activities/mechanism to explain the concept to you.

I cannot use the same examples with new batches as the companies become redundant and sometimes outdated.

The best part about good management education is that we have flexibility to teach concepts with various corporate examples to make the concepts clear in the students mind.

We also use role-plays, dummy auctions, and lot of other interactive tools which removes the monotony of this process and makes it a challenge with every new batch.

Any 'true' Professor, would love to teach a tried and tested concept to a new batch, because, since he/she is a master at it, he can improvise, use better modules and kill the monotony in the same topic.

It is similar to actors/actresses emoting in front of the camera for the same pose over and over again, because they know, each time there’s a new set of audience.

Prof. SAK's Bottom Line:

Professors are hungry for knowledge transfer to as many students as possible.

It is this hunger and passion that keeps us going !!!!

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