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Latest breaking news-What types of news do people love the most

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Latest breaking news-What types of news do people love the most

Tuesday May 23, 2017,

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The purpose of a news is to make people aware of the truth and facts which can have an impact on their lives, directly or indirectly. News are meant to be informative yet interesting, serious but not sensationalized and it should have a good impact on the society. News websites are filled with various news topics. From latest cricket news to politics news, everything thing is just a click away. But the question is what kind of news people really want?

A recent study conducted by pew research revealed many interesting facts about news reading habits of the people. The study broke in 20 categories and there were top 6 categories of news, from Health and Lifestyle News to sports, they had covered everything in these 20 categories. Terrorism and war news were ranked top in the survey. This shows that people are more concerned about the terrorism and war crimes. Terrorism was on top of the chart, may be because it’s now an international problem and it affects the economy and businesses. Politics and sports were in the third and fourth in the list. Researchers were expecting that political news will be the first choice in the news category but it’s third. This survey was an online survey and people around the world participated in it and every country has its own top news categories. For instance, in India, people like to read/watch political news and sports, but in US and European countries people want to know about terrorism and war.

People nowadays want to get updated on different topics, this survey also revealed that people are also interested in health related news. Even some news stories get less coverage by media but people are more interested in those topics, such as climate change, global warming is in top 10 interesting news categories.