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R. D. Electric Works Offers Servo Voltage Stabilizer To Protect Your Precious Appliances

With the optimum integration of modern technology and innovation, R. D. Electric Works is the leading name in the market area which has a huge range of the voltage stabilizers to save the world from the various power issues. It empowers the industries to fight back the voltage fluctuations, overload, spikes, surges, line noise, etc. Since 1996, we are engaged in the manufacturing of industrial voltage stabilizers. 

Friday November 25, 2016,

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The world is moving faster towards technology and machines, so we are into the comfort. Stepping into the world full of latest technologies pulls you closer to the comfort but one should also be careful because technologies bring both advantages and disadvantages of everything you use in the daily life. From a smart watch to a plane, techno is the only thing that we humans are running behind. Have you ever wondered your life without electricity? Is tripping electricity keep the technology intact? The answer is simply no. Neither we can live without electricity nor can technology survive. R. D. Electric Works understands it better and find a way to solve the problems of power and give your appliances and machines a new life to live. It is the new way to keep your heavy duty machines safe and secure from the power issues. This is why we are the best Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers in the world.

Servo voltage stabilizer is an electrical device which is used to reduce the power issues and save the heavy machines and equipment from the breakdown, faults. There are various benefits of installing a servo voltage stabilizer with the costly machines and appliances.

• It saves electricity and reduces the electricity bills approximately up to 15%. This depends on the input variation loading and the number of working hours.

• It is the best when it comes to protects precious electrical equipment from the menace of power fluctuation which actually lowers the cost of maintenance.

• The average payback period of a servo voltage stabilizer owing to its high energy saving capability is approx. 18 months.

• It drastically increases the productivity rate.

• It has the power to automatically correct the voltage supply on the regular intervals.

• When supplied with constant voltage, heavy duty motors run highly efficiently.

• Better performance in a plant with fewer production losses.

They are used in many fields with the machines that are sensitive to the power fluctuations and other issues. Air Conditioning Plants, Cement Plants, Information Technology Sector, Mall & Commercial Complex, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceutical Industries, Oil Industries, Telecommunication System, Escalators & Elevators, Industries & Lighting Load, Textiles Industries, etc. The company has won many awards and certificates for its premium quality products and best services. It gets ISO certification on 30th January 2015. It is also registered under the small scale industrial unit scheme which is entitled to be a part of Central Government Store Purchase Programme.

About R. D. Electric Works

The company was established in 1996, to provide a compact solution to the world facing the problems of voltage fluctuation, overload, under load, surges, spikes, etc. We have many clientele including KFC, Nokia, Philips India, Pizza Hut, Rolls Royce India Ltd, Siemens India, Air-India, Delhi Metro Railway Corporation, Apollo Hospital, Guru Nanak Eye Hospital, G.B. Pant Hospital, Ansal Plaza, Omaxe Construction Ltd, Delhi Institute Of Technology, Department Of Microbiology, Etc. There are so many prestigious clients to name in the national as well as the international market areas. Since its inception, the company is serving in almost every city of India and more than 20 countries outside India. The products are passed through the various quality checks before delivery and the shipment of the products are tight on the deadlines. We also provide installation, maintenance and operating assistance to the privileged customers. We have the best quality Servo Voltage Stabilizer In Delhi and also have a huge range of voltage stabilizers to meet the demand of various industries. We are dealing in the world class products to give our customers a heave sigh of relief from the increasing problem of power cuts and failures.