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3 exercises must for pregnant working moms

Body and health requirements of women change during pregnancy. In the changing scenario, exercising has been seen as a beneficial health requirement. Moderate exercising peps up health, fitness and mental status of the mother to be. Read on to know some easy exercises that can help working moms stay fit and healthy during pregnancy. 

Friday September 01, 2017,

3 min Read

During pregnancy doctors would repeatedly advice you to stay active and be comfortable. Given the hectic lifestyle at work, you may find it quite challenging to take out time for exercising.

It is here that we’d like to inform that pregnant working moms can sit comfortably on their workstations and can carry out some light and simple exercises. Time and energy is least required for these exercises that can ease your pregnancy discomforts and help you in labor too.

Listed below are 3 easy to do exercises must for all pregnant working mothers.


Sitting at the desk can get tiring, stand up and take a stroll in the office after every hour or two. Walk to your colleague instead of sending a mail or buy yourself lunch instead of asking someone to get it for you. Make sure you wear comfortable supportive shoes and walk on level ground. Walking will not only help you ease tiredness of long sittings it will also maintain cardiovascular fitness.


Stretching arms is easy and fruitful exercise for pregnant women. It is simple; you can do it sitting on the chair. Simply raise your hands over your head, keep the elbows straight and have palms of the hand facing each other. Hold the arms in position for 10-20 seconds then lower them from the side. You can repeat this a few times. Regular stretching will increase flexibility and strength. By stretching your arms, you are also stretching the back, this reduce back pain – a common discomfort during pregnancy.

• Abdominal exercises

There are a few abdominal exercises and sit ups that moms to be can do, but pelvic muscle strengthening exercise is a must and most recommended. This exercise helps you strengthen the pelvic muscles, which are stressed during child birth. The exercise, also known as Kegels exercise, can be performed anywhere with ease. You can simply sit on the office chair in a good posture and you are good to go. All you have to do is exhale and tighten the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle (muscle we use to stop and start urine flow). Hold the exhaled breath for a few seconds and then release. Repeat the exercise a few time everyday and you will notice the difference.

Exercising is a must for working moms to be, yet it is important to seek clearance from your gynecologist before exercising. Pregnant women can have different medical conditions, and there are chances that exercising could aggravate your problem. Nevertheless, would be mothers should make a sincere effort to spend some time exercising in office to remain fit and healthy and have a comfortable delivery. 

Once the lack of medical education ends, the world will be a better place - Sahil Dhingra