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Lessons I Learned in 1 Year of My Webhosting Startup

Lessons I Learned in 1 Year of My Webhosting Startup

Wednesday January 17, 2018,

3 min Read


Startups are the new buzz in the business world. Every year there are numerous startups being born. The globe is seeing an increase in number of entrepreneurs.The entrepreneur virus seems to be spreading like a wildfire.

But setting up a new business is not simple as it seems. It requires many things such as determination, finance, proper planning, goal setting etc. One of the important aspect in start-up is having a well-built digital presence i.e. website of the newly set enterprise.

After done with the making of the website one must think about the hosting it on the internet.


As a new business is being set it is very likely that the entrepreneur might look for the cheapest investments for their start-up. But when it comes to hosting the company site, blindly selecting a cheap plan from any service provider will be a mistake to be regretted later on in future. There are few things that must be kept in mind before going for a webhosting plan.

Backup Storage:

This is a very vital aspect that should be considered while buying a web hosting plan. Having the database backed up is really helpful in case any malfunction occurs with the web server. Data loss can also occur if any attack takes place on the website. So, backup in that case will help in bringing back the site online again in less time.

Hostgator web hosting is one among all hosting companes which provide free weekly backup service to all its customers. Discounted offers from Hostgator are available at starting from $3.45 per month to $11.95 per month.

Data Security:

This is undoubtedly one of the most vital aspects to be considered while hosting up the website. There are many pieces of sensitive information present over the whole database. Leakage of any of these can bring a huge loss to the startup. Security provided should be judged before selecting a web hosting plan.

Domain Parking:

An entrepreneur won’t like the fact that different domains with same site names as yours or even the ones with incorrect spelling will be used by competitors in the market.

Domain parking plays a vital role here by restricting use of all the similar names with different domains. Whenever such name is entered it will automatically redirect to the original site. Companies like Hostgator give unlimited domain parking.

Data Analytics:

Analytics is very important when it comes to drawing out strategies for a business. It must be ensured that there is a user friendly and interactive control panel which facilitates analytics of business data such as product sales figures, daily site visitors etc.

Uptime Guarantee:

Imagine a situation when a business website is having downtime and users are facing problems to carry out transactions. This will severely affect the reputation of a business leading to loss of clients hence a huge loss of income. Providers ensuring long hours of stable uptime should be chosen for hosting services.

Tech Support:

Last but not the least assurance of constant support from the hosting service provider is highly appreciated. Any malfunctions in the server side needs to be resolved as fast as possible which is why technical support is very crucial. Almost all top companies provide 24x7 customer support.

Following the above points before setting up the digital presence of a startup will ensure a good amount of revenue from the digital marketplace. Reputed companies such as Bluehost, Hostgator, and Big Rock etc must be chosen for the purpose of web hosting services.