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Aadhaar Card Amendment: Secret Steps To Update Aadhaar Details

Finally, the solution to update aadhaar details is here. Yes-Yes-Yes, now you need not to go aadhaar centers to update your aadhaar card details. Have a look at the secret steps to update the aadhaar details...

Aadhaar Card Amendment: Secret Steps To Update Aadhaar Details

Monday September 23, 2019,

11 min Read

Any change in the information of an individual should be updated in aadhaar card. It’s not just to say, it is equally important also. 

Not only that but equally important is to do a connective job i.e - aadhaar card download.

Yes, it means that later to the updation, downloading is also a job which need to be performed.

An address to this is - aadhaar holds the vital information of an individual which help the particular holder in dealing with the government official work.

Indeed, the supreme court in his judgment upheld the constitutional validity of the aadhaar card. Besides this, it’s mandatory to link your aadhaar with your PAN to file ITR. Not only this, aadhaar linking is required for other work as well, like-- link aadhaar with the bank, phone number, and others.

Furthermore, linking aadhaar is important because it contains some vital information of a person like-- name, phone number, address, date of birth. Also, includes the biometric data like a fingerprint, iris, face photo of the person. That’s why aadhaar is used as proof of identity and address proof.

Although, the information on the aadhaar must be amended or updated when any changes made in the information mentioned in your aadhaar like address, phone number...etc

However, UIDAI made aadhaar card amendment or update easy, in both the methods online and offline. 

The aadhaar card amendment or correction can be done in three different ways-- online using the self-service portal, by post or by visiting the nearest aadhaar enrolment center. 

Here, a brief knowledge will be provided on the aadhaar card amendment, so people can easily do the work of aadhaar card amendment or correction to be made. 

Process To Update Your Aadhaar Card

To make changes in your aadhaar you just need to follow the below steps. Let’s have a look at it.

Step 1: The first and foremost step is to visit the official website of UIDAI >> https://uidai.gov.in.

Step 2: Go to aadhaar update self-service by clicking on “My aadhaar” and then click on the option “update address online”.

Step 3: After the click, a page will appear asking your aadhaar number to login.

Step 4: Enter the aadhaar number and fill the captcha to verify, then click on the option “Send OTP”.

Step 5: You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number or email ID.

Step 6: Enter this OTP to login to your aadhaar account.

Step 7: Click on the address option and click on the submit button.

Step 8: Write your residential address, mentioned as the proof of address and then, click on the “submit update request” button.

To modify your address click on the “Modify” option.

Step 9: Click on the declaration option and click on the “proceed” button.

Step 10: Upload a document which you want to submit as a proof of address. Now, click on the submit button.

Step 11: After this, click on BPO service provider, that verify your data you submitted is correct or not.


Step 12: After the BPO service verify your data, a slip will appear that contains the update aadhaar number, you can download the aadhaar and get it printout.

These are the steps you need to follow to update your aadhaar card. However, if you are not having the address proof then you can update your aadhaar by selecting the option 

“Address Validation Option” it is the new feature.

Here are the steps to update your aadhaar with “Address Validation Option”.

Process To Update Your Aadhaar Card Without Document Proof

The process to update aadhaar without the document of address proof is consists of 3 steps.

  1. Application by the applicant.
  2. Approval by the verifier.
  3. Final submission by the applicant.

Application By The Applicant

Step 1: Visit the official website of UIDAI, then move the cursor to “My aadhaar” option and select the “Address validation letter” option. 

Step 2: A screen will appear asking for the aadhaar number, enter the 12-digit aadhaar number to login. Also, enter the captcha to verify and click on the Send OTP.

Step 3: Now, enter the new address in “address verifier aadhaar” and click on submit. Your request has been submitted screen will show you the message. And SMS will Trigger on the registered mobile number.

Approval By The Verifier


Step 1: The verifier will receive a message with the OTP and link to verify the applicant's request.

Step 2: The verifier has to click on the link on his/her phone and login to the account.

Step 3: Next step, is to enter the OTP verifier received & confirm the request of the applicant.

Final Submission By The Applicant

Step 1: When the verifier approves the request, an SMS send to the applicant mobile number with the SRN and the link to submit the application.

Step 2: Enter the SRN number and the OTP number.

Step 3: Check the details you enter and click on the “submit update request” button.

Step 4: After the approval, the applicant address will be updated in the aadhaar card.

So, these are the online method to update your aadhaar now let’s discuss the offline method to update your aadhaar. There are two ways in the offline method.

  • Visiting nearest aadhaar enrolment center.
  • Updating aadhaar by post.

Let’s have a look at both these offline methods.

Process To Update Aadhaar By Visiting The Nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Center

  • This is an offline method to update your aadhaar, you just need to visit the enrolment center and fill the aadhaar correction form.
  • You should carry all the original documents for updation. The original documents will be scanned and will be given back to you.
  • However, a person needs to pay Rs 25/- for every updation or every time whenever he/she visit to update the document.

Process To Update Aadhaar By Post

The by post method to update the aadhaar has been discontinued by the UIDAI.

However, To update the aadhaar by post an individual needs to download the form online>> https://uidai.gov.in/images/UpdateRequestFormV2.pdf.

Mark the field which is to be updated, fill the form. Try to use the same language that was used at the time of your enrolment.

Especially, fill the fields which need updation. Provide other details like your mobile number or email ID.

However, the fields required to update must be mentioned clearly.

The filled documents along with a copy of other documents. Which is needed to post to the address:-- UIDAI, post box no. 10, chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh-480001.

Here, we end up with the process amendment made in aadhaar by online and offline methods. But, people do have other questions regarding the amendment or updation of aadhaar. So, here, we are answering the most crawled questions.

Most asked Questions

What data can we change in aadhaar online?

To update your aadhaar online you can only change the address. To change the other details like phone number, gender, email ID, DOB, name the applicant is required to visit the nearest aadhaar enrolment center.

How many times the address in aadhaar can be updated?

The applicant updates his/her address multiple times, whenever the applicant is shifting to another place. There is no limitation set by the government for address updation. But, your address must be the one where the applicant is staying at present.

The process to update your address is mentioned above.

How to update the name of the applicant?

This is the most asked question, at some point of time people change their name, especially in the case of women after getting married. 

However, this facility is for those who have a different name on PAN and facing difficult to link aadhaar with PAN.

To update your name in the aadhaar you need to visit the nearest aadhaar enrolment center because this facility is not provided online.

  • After visiting the enrolment center take the aadhaar correction form and mention the correct name of yours and fill the other details.
  • Submit the form to the executive with a document of proof of identity.
  • The executive will register your update request.
  • You will receive a slip of your update request.

At last, you need to pay Rs 25 to the executive for their service.

How to update mobile number in aadhaar?

Again, you need to visit the aadhaar enrolment center to update your mobile number. After visiting the enrolment center ask the form of aadhaar correction form in which enter the new mobile number.

Submit the form to the executive. The executive will forward your update request. You will get the acknowledgment slip with URN number in it.

Note: No documents are required to update the mobile number.

After the above work, you need to pay Rs 25/- to the executive.

What are the documents required to make an update in aadhaar?

To make amendments/updates in aadhaar the documents required totally depend on the changes you are asking for. Most people are looking to change address or the name.

Here, we mention the documents required if the applicant willing to change the name.

To update the name in aadhaar

If the applicant wants to update his/her name then the document containing the name and photo of an individual is required. which proves the identity of an individual.

Such documents are:-

  • Driving licenses.
  • PAN card.
  • A voter ID card.
  • Freedom fighter card.
  • Pensioner card.
  • Arm license.
  • Insurance policy.
  • A photo identification card issued by the government or any educational institute.
  • Photo of bank statement/ credit card which shows your name.
  • Residing address card which displays the name and photo of the applicant, issued by the department of post.
  • Ration card or PDS card.
  • Service photo ID card, issued by PSU.
  • Job card issued by NREGS.

Note: Applicant required only a few documents which mention above all documents are not required we are just giving you detail which documents you can carry if you are willing to change your name.

To update the address in aadhaar

The applicant who is willing to change the address in aadhaar are required documents that show the proof of the address.

Documents which represent the proof of address are:-

  • Voter ID card.
  • Passport.
  • Ration card.
  • Driving license.
  • The electricity bill for the last 3 months.
  • Landline or water bill for the last 3 months.
  • Account statement or the passbook of the post office.
  • Registration certificate of any vehicle.
  • Assessment order of income tax.
  • Freedom fighter card.
  • Pensioner card.
  • Spouse passport.
  • Arm license.
  • Insurance policy.

Note: Applicant required only a few documents which mention above all documents are not required we are just giving you detail which documents you can carry if you are willing to change your address.

However, we discuss the most asked question regarding updation of aadhaar card. But, there are other important factors that an applicant should keep in his mind while updating aadhaar.

Important Factors While Updating Aadhaar?

While updating your aadhaar the applicant must check the information entered by him should be correct. This is to be done to avoid mistakes in your updation process.

However, there are some other points also applicant should keep in mind are as follows.

  • Applicant should mention the appropriate changes he/she wants and also attach the proper document with the form.
  • Must fill the form either in english or in the local language which you used earlier to fill the form.
  • In checking process of aadhaar card details, the URN number must be safe as it helps you to check update process.
  • Applicant must enter the updated details in capital letters.
  • Every detail should be filled by the applicant, no option should be left incomplete.
  • Attach only those documents which are required for the updation.


Aadhaar card is issued by UIDAI ( Unique Identification Authority Of India) which is mandatory required for every citizen of India.

As it holds the vital  information of every individual like-- name, address, mobile number, biometric data as well. 

Moreover,such information needs updation at some period of time that’s why in this blog, we discuss the whole procedure to update the aadhaar card in both offline and online ways.

We also mention the answer of frequently asked questions along with mentioned the importance factors while updating aadhaar. 

If you get some information that helps you to update your aadhaar then do share it with your other friends.