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10 online educational tools for college students

As the technology is arising through each and every department. We need to update our education fields as well. A number of helping tools are available now online for writing and correction purposes and so much more.

Tuesday August 08, 2017,

5 min Read

Let’s discuss the best top 10.

Google Docs.

Let’s start with the best one. Google docs let students help them in research a lot. A popular choice in regards to learning, sharing and saving your work online on trusted servers. This tool hands you over an online drive on which you can save your work, assignments and share with other students. A number of experts, professionals, and students have their content there which is open up for research purposes. The best thing about this tool is that it is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection with your specified log-in. Google docs provide a search engine which leads you to uncountable topics through their server. Google docs both work online and offline regarding a person’s nature of work.

Find the source here :


A good news for the web and application developers. This tool is the most recommended for almost any leading programming language learning from growing stage to professional. The tool is available both in online form and application based on IOS and Android. Sololearn let you choose your desired course and teach basics and ask questions to pass through each step. It also provides detailed explanations on each topic and term. It facilitates with ‘Try it yourself’ option to check how good you have become or for the practical purpose. Sololearn updates its content according to the modern IT innovations in programming languages. It also certifies you once you have completed a course.

Source :


Now, let us discuss the basics. A perfect quality content or an assignment can only be fulfilled with perfect punctuations and outstanding grammar. This tool is what you need. Grammarly facilitates the students and professionals in different ways such as Online add-in. Add-ins for Microsoft Word, and simple online checker. Grammarly scans through the entire content and works real-time on mistakes. It provides better punctuations, connecting words and spelling checkers so the final shape can look flawless.

Source to use :

Plagiarism checker.

Every university and student know this word by now and are pretty much doing their best to avoid it. Plagiarism checker basically helps you to find out if your content is unique or copied. Plagiarism is basically an act of copy pasting assignments from the web and as well as from other students. Imagine your hard work and dedication of hours is simply stolen by someone else.

How would you feel? Not good right.

So this tools comes in handy in such situations. Also, you can check for plagiarism online when you are done with your work. There are two online tools which are my fravourite . You can find there source links below :

Check plagiarism

Course Buffet.

As you can assume by the name that this tool is providing variety. Course Buffet provides a search engine to simply research for your desired topics without going from site to site. It saves time and increases productivity in a sense that it simply link you to various websites regarding your searched topic. Course Buffet is free and effective. And the variety increases both your knowledge and creativity needs. Millions of students use this tool for various purposes of learning.

Source :

Compass Learning.

This tool is very effective for the teachers. It helps them to understand the abilities of their students better. This tool allows a teacher to personalize with the students to better know their nature, strength, interests or what motivates them so they can approach them with methods of learning they understand. It also provides a mapping or step by step path according to the student’s character.

Source to use :


I call this tool a fun way of learning. If you are bored of reading research and blogs and need something else that can boost your knowledge then this is it. Quizlet provides you educational games, tests, and flash cards which are all designed for the sole purpose of your learning but with a little fun. If the collar gets too tight then switch to this engaging tool for the fun way of learning.

Source link :


This is basically one of the best planners for the students to ensure students worry about planning assignments, home work or exams. It can be synchronized with all modern day devices like your smart phone, laptop or tablets. It is accessible anytime anywhere with an internet connection and you no longer have to worry about what to do or when to do, because MyHomework does it all for you.

Find source link here :


This tool is to make you sharp and shine before the examination time. 4Tests provides an amazing facility to the students by providing online tests for practicing or to experience the upcoming exam. The main focus is to make sure that every of the students shall pass their upcoming exams with ease. It ensures good grades and a healthy study habit to improve your quality as a student. Also, it provides you to go through their site for helpful material and learning objects.

Source :


Edmodo is basically a social network for students, teachers and guardians/parents. It basically let students connect with their teachers and fellow students to stay updated with whatever is going around in class. Teachers can task assignments and work to their students and Edmodo helps students to work together and share thoughts and concept. It provides students a facility to work easier and be more creative about it. Online discussions and questions help a student follow up more knowledge and sharp him or herself. It helps the grading system and let teachers follow up their students with a more personal approach or to track the performance. Parents would love it as well because by Edmodo they can track what their child is doing and what progress or weakness is taking place.

Source :

Tools are great to help and maintain quality, so stay updated with modern technologies because learning was never the same.