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BIS Hallmark Online Gold Jewellery

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BIS Hallmark Online Gold Jewellery

Wednesday September 28, 2016,

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The beginnings of Bhrigu Jewellers

In the year 2001, the company’s Bhrigu Jewellers ventured into manufacture and wholesale business of Gold jewellery under the brand name ‘Senorita, which, with its large product assortment wowed customers and critics alike. Now Bhrigu Jewellers want direct approach to customers via Website. So its started new ecommerce in name if Jewels Stop

Senorita is a Brand serving the customers in India since the inception of 2005; the high quality jewellery and accessories with strikingly exquisite designs. With its affordable rates and unique shopping experience and dedicated customer service, Bhrigu Jewellers has earned good position in Gold Jewellery manufacture in India with its 150+ retailers across & has emerged as one stop destination for making any given day an occasion with its delightful designer jewellery. Recently Bhrigu Jewellers also organised international jewellery exhibition in Istanbul.

Our aim is to bring together timeless jewellery that's meticulously crafted with the right blend of age-old mystique and elegant modern touches, to provide a comprehensive collection that's affordable while high on quality matching all the needs of the women.

Our quality policy is to give “simply the best”. There are many different varieties of jewellery, displayed through a systematic process. Alteration in readymade jewellery available to any colour, size and to some extent design also. privilege club and festival collections are also undertaken at Jewels Stop.

Fashion and Jewels Stop

Jewels Stop is exclusive fashion and designer jewelry. Jewels Stop has designer team who design and then process start for manufacturing.

Each of Jewels Stop irreverent creations starts life on paper as a designer’s celebration of beauty, success, fashion and love. These designs are then painstakingly sculpted and brought to life by artisans using the finest quality materials.

Jewels Stop designers take inspiration from beauty in all its forms and manifestations. This results in a diverse range of beautiful masterpieces that are embraced by style icons and trendsetters across the world. A celebrity in its own right, over the years, Jewels Stop has range of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants appeal to connoisseurs of all ages and also make a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Url: http://jewelsstop.com