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Bharat versus India

Two names, One Identity

Friday June 02, 2017,

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Two names, one identity. The nation of 1.2 billion people and seventh largest country in the area known for eminent culture and diversity. The majority of the population is Hindu, despite this, India is a secular. The meaning of both Bharat and India are same but have different ideologies. One comprises the history of the ancient Bharat and other comprises the history of modern India. These are two names with one identity with a vast difference. India is the only country which has two names.

What is Bharat?- Vishnu Purana (2,1.32) said that this country is known as Bharat Varsha when the father of Bharat gave all the responsibilities of the kingdom to him. Bharat has the privilege to be known as birth place of many Gods and great Rulers. Ayodhya was bestowed with Lord Rama, Mathura with Lord Krishna, Vaishali with Lord Mahavira and Kushinagar with Lord Buddha.One of the epic battles in history Mahabharata was fought in Bharat. Many spiritual and religious text were penned by great scholars of the time. Rig Veda (collection of lyrics) is the oldest and-Aryan text and Ashtadyayi, grammar book written by Panini is the oldest in the world. The Ramayana written by Valmiki is the oldest epic in the world.

The Indus civilization was one of the oldest civilization of the world which is more than 5000 years old. It is also known as bronze age civilization and Harappa civilization after excavation of Harappa city. Great bath and drainage system are some of the great architects of Indus civilization.

Bharat is the land of Gods and people have strong religious sentiments religious which can seen by the worship of various gods, dargahs, peers etc.the construction various temples and mosques. It also witnesses the great devotion by the World largest gathering at khumbmela.

Ancient Indian scholars had significantly contributed in the field of maths by Aryabhatta, algebra by Bhaskar Acharya and yoga by Patanjali. Bharat land was flourished by many foreigners like Hiuen Tsang from China, Marco Polo from Italy and Abdul Razak from Persia. Islam was brought by the Arab trader to Bharat which was warmly welcome by the natives. From Chandra Gupta Maurya to Akbar work was done to make unified Bharat.Great monuments show the diverse culture and rich history. Bharat has one of the most diverse histories in the world from ancient civilizations to the modern period of Britishers. The history of Bharat is unparalleled by any country in the world.

What is India? The era modernisation is the perfect word to describe the India. The word India was derived from the Indus which converted into India. Unity of India could be seen in the freedom struggle where all section of the Indian community fight stood together against British Raj. No Hindu, No Muslim, No Sikh, they all stand on one platform for the independence.In the Hindu majority country, every section of society is safe and all equal rights.India is the world largest democracy and has world largest written constitution.

Since independence, the major reforms has taken place in the Indian economy which transformed the Bharat into India, that transformation makes the India the fourth largest economy in purchasing power and fastest growing economy in the world. India is stepping towards the era of digitalisation, connecting the India through digitalisation. Metropolitan cities developing themselves into the smart city with better transport system, residential place and developing eco-friendly environment.

The freedom struggle is not the only fight by the freedom fighter but Indian newspaper gives the wing to this struggle. According to the registrar of newspaper 2011, there are 82,237 newspapers which printed in 22 languages.India is the land of 1652 languages speaking people and all are living in peace and happily.Rendering the services since 1854 and connected with every village post office. India has the largest number of the post office in the world and world’s first floated post office is in India only.

Space is not too far away from India. Achieving the great milestone in the area of space research.Indian space research organization (ISRO) sent its first satellite in 1975 from that day to today, ISRO set the world record by one hundred four satellite in space and chandrayan-1 detected the water on water by using moon mineralogy mapper and also launched the South Asian communication satellite.

Bharat and India both are same but in today's scenario, they are totally opposite. Bharat reflects the culture and ethic whereas India reflects the western culture with rapid technological change. In our society, we found both, Bharat versus India which developed into two ideologies. First ideologies are against the westernization and considering western influence as a danger for Bharat whereas India is modern with open minded, they are influencing and attracting others to see India. In Bharat, the caste system is at its peak whereas in India caste hardly exist.To preserve Akhand Bharat civilization and culture or modification of modern India, extremism is not good in both cases. India is no longer under the British Raj or any other monarch. We are democratic.we need modern India with our culture identity.Today Indians are learning different culture and developing a cordial relationship with the different community. We are known for culture and civilization we need to preserve the image of Bharat in developing India. We should all contributes towards to make the nation great. As no nation is perfect it has to make perfect by us.

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