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e-Ghar Home Inspection

Organizing the Unorganized Construction from Core

Friday August 26, 2016,

3 min Read

Entrepreneurship is a journey of determination and teamwork. We have started our entrepreneurship journey from the day we founded Manomav Engineers in 2012 after leaving our jobs in L&T, Punj Loyd, and NKG. With nourishing of IIT, IIM & PEC we have consulted projects worth $500 Million till date on Building Information Modeling, Quantity Surveying, Scheduling and Project Management Consultancy and provided employment opportunity to 50+ Engineers.

But the zeal of organizing the unorganized inspired us to solve the problem of retail customers which led us to found in construction industry. We feel engagement of construction in today's world starts from the possession of Flats by Property Buyers. So we have started with solution to property buyers with our Home Inspection Services. We got some quick orders from our relatives who have purchased the flat and looking for quality supervision checklist, before they takeover keys from builder. We find it a perfect opportunity to ignite the concept of 

Home Inspections services are already popular in US/UK where customers have 77% mindset of getting Home Inspection before buying the property. Indian Market is also getting ready for Home Inspection Services, Already Indian Customers have 1.25% mindset towards Home Inspection which will increase in near future. Indian  Property brokers are realizing the inspection requirement at time of selling old property.  Thousands of builders are showing advertisement of Million of Properties which are ready to move-in. Online Brokers are working on Verified Property Features on their portal. These factors open great opportunity for Indian Home Inspection Companies.

We have developed processes of Inspections based on Indian Standards. Our Inspection Services covers 12+ work categories and covers all locations of flats including common rooms, bedroom, kitchen, washrooms, dining areas and balcony. In general, we identify 100+ points in thoroughly inspected Home. Word of Mouth is a major source of our orders who are 100% satisfied upon experiencing services. Few customers have voluntarily written appreciation letters for team e-Ghar which show the extent of satisfaction.

We are going to change the way properties are purchased in India by enabling buyers with technological know-how. Our team is developing 3D solutions of Property Inspection where 3D Stands for Domain Experts, Data Analytics with AI, Device & Latest Technology. Our Domain Experts are Industry Professionals who are experienced in Quality Supervision. Our database is building with every inspection which helps us in analyzing general problems and construction quality of builders. We are improving on technology used for inspection with introduction of thermal image sensing which can provide in identifying the best approximation of hidden problems like leakages and electrical short circuit due to heat.

We are committed to organize the unorganized construction and very much excited with the response of our customers with our first step of Home Inspection.