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5 Features to look for in an advanced GPS tracking system

5 Features to look for in an advanced GPS tracking system

Thursday May 17, 2018,

2 min Read

GPS tracking solutions in today’s time holds a great importance to ensure safety on the roads. Several technology giants and start-ups are investing their resources to bring advanced GPS tracking systems empowered by Telematics, IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These innovative GPS tracking solutions have entirely transformed the way of managing fleet, especially during late night journeys.

Whether it's for commercial purposes or for personal use, there is a wide range of GPS tracking systems available in the market. Here are some essential features to look for while purchasing a GPS tracking device:

1. Real time trackingThis is one of the most common features available in GPS trackers that provide accurate details about the location of your vehicle. You can track the location of your friends, family, employees as well as driver including the current state of the vehicle- whether it is moving, parked or has stopped in a secluded area.

2. Engine Cut -  Now this is an interesting feature, you can find only in advanced GPS tracking applications. This feature allows you to turn the vehicle’s engine off from your mobile phone application. It is helpful in reducing the cases of stolen vehicles and actually saves the vehicle owner from bearing huge losses.

3. SOS feature -Seeing the alarming rate of road crimes for women and cases of robbery, various GPS tracking companies have started to embed SOS feature in their applications. In the case of emergency or risky situation, this button allows you to immediately send an alert to the nearest police station and to your pre-defined emergency contacts within a second.

4. Fuel monitoring feature - This is a part of Real-time tracking feature that also allows you to keep a check on your vehicle’s fuel consumption- mostly in your absence. This is highly beneficial in managing commercial fleet in which you need to monitor and manage the amount of fuel used by the drivers.

5. Speed Alert - Speed alert feature notifies you any time when your vehicle exceeds the speed limit you have predetermined in your tracker. In commercial transit business, owners can monitor the speed limits adhered by your driver; and in personal use, you can also track the speed limits for your friends and family as a safety measure. 


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