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Educational assistance: a smart startup idea?

Educational assistance: a smart startup idea?

Monday April 23, 2018,

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The world of education is exploring and exploiting Internet of Things (IoT) as we talk about it. The amount of information available online is a huge advantage to a student if used wisely. There are many websites which offer pure facts and proven theories for students to start a life career with it.

Today, we will discuss such a startup method which is beneficial to the student community and the startup by assisting each other. Have you ever heard a saying anywhere ‘Just start’? An action describes a thousand words they say, the same applies here. You should be aware of the fact that you can sell anything from scrap to the most expensive product online.

Being a parent, I ask a question to you all – do you face issues teaching Math to your kids? It is a common parent issue everywhere, there is nothing to be embarrassed about admitting the truth. There are several educational assistance startups which do provide this type of assistance, you may call it Math homework help or assistance.

Startups are a trend due to the e-commerce market with unlimited earning potential. You need not have to worry about not selling since you are visible to the whole globe if you make yourself, your product and the platform visible in the virtual world. How to do it? A fan ew easy steps will assist with the increase in traffic and hence improve your digital visibility to the end user.

• Learn the market

• Learn the competitors

• Define your product with unique and genuine content

• Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from suitable and reliable sources

• Improve the SEO of your website

• Constant analysis and prediction of the market

The last step is more of experience play and it might not affect you much initially. Nonetheless, it is quite important moving forward. Hire a brand promoter if needed to increase the visibility of your brand. You just need to know how to act and where to act and quick to react to any subtle or drastic changes.

Talking about the educational assistance, it is not easy to help a kid with his o her Math problems. The Math has not been the same since we left schooling, it has improved its complexity and for much younger minds. Being a parent can be tiresome but it has its rewards. Using such facilities to assist you in their Math problems will certainly make you a good parent even though you are in need of help. The end results are that the Math problems are solved and your kid is happy about it.

Finding a solution in a pinch is a life lesson that you could teach your kids, education system may not teach such things. You are not qualified enough or you just don’t have the time to sit for your kid’s Math tutoring, don’t be sad about it. Life is always not the same, change is eternal and perpetual. You need to go along with the flow to ride the wave or oppose the wave and you know the rest of the sad ending!

Talking about how startups with the idea of educational assistance can help children all over the globe to improve their overall performance academically, it is a remarkable growth in the Internet History towards the positive side. Empowering young minds to use the IoT for valuable academic information and assistance in their daily Mathematical problems is something new. It wasn’t available when we were in the school, but kids these days are lucky to have such service.

A mutual benefit here would be that the startup is also in the infant stage helping another kid to grow and in that process, which in-turn helps the startup growth. There are many who may have suffered bad tutoring at school, the ability of understanding being different or slow from others, you see all kind of kids these days. A school can only do so much, individual attention is limited in case of schools and your child may not receive the complete help he needs.

What is your other option? Home tutoring is quite expensive, even if you could still afford it, you cannot guarantee the results either way. Why don’t you to give technology a shot? We have been using or to be frank, we have been controlled by the technology that we have created. We are bound by it, why not use it for a productive cause? I don’t see anything more productive than a child’s educational future.

Why now?

I ask, why this late? It is not that anyone didn’t have this idea but none gave it a serious thought. I mean, who would think that the children would be more efficient in exploiting the IoT than adults. As you see, the next upcoming generation is good with gadgets, particularly smart devices. Within a limited time span, they can search every part of the smart device to see how it functions and start exploiting them for their own need.

What future holds?

Artificial Intelligence is dominating every industry, including the most interactive customer service industry. They constantly evolve after every interaction with an end user. This bot will certainly have educational assistance qualities as well. It is a new an upcoming idea that startups are developing. You need not be shocked if AI will be teaching your children education. The future has lots of hopes for children and if used in an effective way, this tool or application can certainly be used to complete all your academic work.

Final Thoughts

The idea of educational assistance online has been lingering the in shadows for quite some time for toddlers and children below the age of 10. That is no longer an idea, it has become a reality as we speak. Such exciting concepts are always thought by fresh minds in the industry, so startups are doing something good by educating the kids along with their establishment in the digital world, a win-win situation here!