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How to Transfer files from OST to PST in MS Office Outlook 2010?

How to Transfer files from OST to PST in MS Office Outlook 2010?

Friday May 12, 2017,

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Be it MS Outlook 2010 or any other version of MS Outlook, there is no major difference in method of transferring files from OST file. If you have an OST file and you want to transfer its data into MS Outlook (any version) then first you have to convert it into PST format.

There could be many possible reasons for a person to transfer OST file data into MS Outlook; some of these could be like:

1. Your OST file has become inaccessible and now you want to read the data in it

2. You have got an orphan OST file from an old backup and need to view the items in it

3. Or, your office Exchange server has crashed and now you want to access your OST file

Whatever be the reason, all you want is to open and read your OST file and this is when you need to transfer your OST files into Outlook 2010 or any version.


Method to Transfer Files from OST to PST 

Migration of data from OST files into PST format is nothing new and neither is the query. Although people are exploring some solution for this from decades there is no direct manual option available; which allows you to export OST files directly.

Microsoft has tried its best to keep no stone unturned to make its Exchange server program highly reliable and efficient so that there should no chance of getting server failure; which causes data inaccessibility at clients end. But irrespective of the years of hard work, the situation still get to your feet where the server crashes (Reason could be any) and the OST files becomes inaccessible; which ultimately arises need to convert OST files into PST format.

Since Microsoft has not provided any alternate for this migration; there are other providers available who understand this requirement and designed some highly feasible OST to PST conversion wizard. These tools can read any corrupt, healthy or unhealthy OST files and export them into PST file format keeping all the data intact.

How to Transfer Files from OST to MS Outlook 2010?

As we have discussed above; there is no direct or manual method available which can help you transfer the files from OST to PST format thus one has to rely on OST to PST converter. This wizard will help you migrate complete OST file data into PST file format; which you can further import within MS Outlook 2010.

Here are the steps which you can go through to complete OST to PST migration

• Download, Run and Install OST to PST file converter on your machine

• Open the wizard and add the OST files which you want to convert by clicking on “Add OST Files / Folders” button (You can select multiple OST files at a time)

• Next, choose any appropriate location to save the PST files after conversion (You can also create a New folder directly from the UI of software)

• Now, click on “Convert” button and let the conversion process finish

Once the conversion completes; you will get an alert message for the same and navigate to the location where the converted PST file has been saved.

Steps to Import the converted PST file into MS Office Outlook 2010

1. Launch MS Outlook in your machine

2. Go to Menu >> File >> Open >> Open Outlook Data File

3. Select the PST file that you want to open

4. Next, view the converted PST file data by clicking the folder in left pane

Benefits of Using Tool to Convert OST Files into PST Format?

1. You can convert any number of OST files into PST format

2. Keep the folder structure of OST file intact

3. Any size of OST file can be converted into PST format

4. You can create single PST files for multiple OST file

5. Complete data will be migrated including email, contacts etc.

6. There will be no risk of data loss or file errors

7. Support all MS Outlook version and convert any type of OST file


The process of moving data from one file into another format is always cumbersome and needs to be precise. Each and every detail should get properly converted keeping the original formatting intact and this can only be done through a professional tool for OST to PST conversion.