Digital transformation - a true shift for retail stores through SAP!

Retail stores are highly effected by digitization. Now is the time to look beyond the marginal upgrades and cope up with changing market conditions. Digital transformation techniques with SAP is fusing both physical and  digital worlds and  conquering the market place. More businesses are shifting their focus  to SAP to know the trends and  achieve modernization.

Sowbhagya Neti
4th Jul 2018
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The digital transformation of an organization is to improve & reinvent the performance through digital technology. Nowadays, customers are demanding more personalized and seamless physical store experience. This new way of shopping is much more than copying current business models and with the market becoming more competitive, the retailers are forced to improve their supply chain logistics.

To improve operational efficiency, customer footfalls and wallet shares, the retailers must incorporate recent trends like the Internet of Things, contactless payments, 3D printing, Omni-channel retailing, Click & Collect, hyper-personal localized offers, endless aisles, cognitive retailing, and augmented reality in their business models.

However, to achieve this forecast, physical stores must use the best server system that supports enterprise applications. But, in reality, their landscapes are aged and are incapable of supporting new business needs. To overcome this, the retailers need a platform, which is both economical and addresses digital transformation functionalities and also it must be robust, scalable, agile and futuristic.

This necessity of all retail businesses has led to an ultimate solution - SAP. SAP offers the best digital core for any retail business. It offers a landscape for innovative and responsive business solutions.

SAP understands the current technology and ever-changing requirements for physical stores. It helps to develop and execute retail business framework that can digitalize entire value chain operations. SAP digital transformation framework streamlines 5 cornerstones and achieves the prime goal - Digital transformation of physical stores. Let’s see how.

Customer experience across all touch points

Identifying unique customers across all channels. Using sophisticated algorithms to segment customers and enabling real-time customer loyalty and incentive programs across all channels. Rendering contextualized digital content for mobile.

Business network collaboration across all categories

Addresses immediate consumer needs with responsive procurement and manufacturing networks. Uses consumer feedback and social insights when deciding on product design and manufacturing. Tracks and traces product orders down to the individual level.

Centralized Supply Chain

Processes orders and offer delivery options based on customer priorities. Establishes highly agile and responsive supply chain networks. Tracks and traces products & batches for end-to-end supply chain transparency.

Workforce engagement

Attracts and retains top sales and marketing talent. Allows associates to interact effectively with customers before, during, and after purchases. Facilitates social collaboration among teams. Meet service levels and drive revenue with appropriate staffing requirements.

Real-time consumer connectivity that enables new business opportunities

Establishes a consistent flow of digital information across devices and customer touch points. Personalizing clientele in stores. Gives real-time access to stock availability and product information to store associates and customers.

Key benefits of SAP Business Model integration

Increase customer loyalty by responding rapidly to consumer demands.

Growing business profitably by making the best merchandising decisions.

Enhance efficiency and reduce costs by working with a single set of data

Optimize supply chain processes with a single set of solution that supports collaboration, planning, execution, and coordination.

Improve employee productivity by eliminating inconsistent data – enabling employees to spend less time searching for information and committing fewer mistakes.

Take the next step today

The possibilities of upgrading retail businesses, boosting sales and building customer relationships are endless with SAP. It’s economical to integrate and also provides real-time insights of entire business flow. Moreover, SAP-ERP solutions are scalable and promote future growth.

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