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How AI is Adding Sparkle to Your Jewelry

How AI is Adding Sparkle to Your Jewelry

Saturday May 09, 2020,

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The world we live in is perpetually seeking technological advancements that can add value to our lives. The same quest has entered a dimension where we are at the brink of technological greatness. Yes! I'm talking about Artificial Intelligence. We have seen the rise of Artificial Intelligence from being a concept that was discussed in the movies to being a reality that has taken the world by storm. As all inventions, AI also propagates the never-ending search to find ways to enhance the quality of human lives. This has led to many industries from the art and design sector beginning to incline towards the adoption of AI to improve aspects of their operation. One such industry that has adopted AI with open arms is the Fine Jewelry Industry.

For the entire duration of human civilization, the idea of ornamentation and Jewelry was and is still considered to be a statement of wealth and prosperity. But, over the course of history, the techniques used to produce enchanting jewelry have experienced a paradigm shift in all aspects including, chemical, mechanical, or physical treatment to transmute raw precious jewels and metals to fine jewelry. The art of making jewelry has undergone tremendous change as we can witness from the beautifully crafted piece of jewelry that is available in the market today.

The foray in to the concept of using AI in the field of Jewelry design can be attributed to many notable organizations. Microsoft is one such institution that is set to redefine the act of jewelry designing with the use of AI. Microsoft have implemented a definitive strategy to ensure that machine crafted jewelry would have optimum quality with the help of dynamic programming and pruning designs that have low visual appeal. According to various testing on quality standards, the designs created by Microsoft’s AI program has been appreciated and deemed as highly promising for the future of AI in Fine Jewelry designing. 

Another such notable incident that showcases the rise of AI in Jewelry designing was the collaboration of the Artificial Intelligence software specialist firm - Intelligent Business Systems (IBS) and the Indian jewelry major - Krysaliis. This collaboration has proven that Artificial Intelligence as a technology is not just being used to create impeccably-crafted fine jewelry, but it is also enhancing the way one shops for it. The finesse achieved by using AI in producing a piece of jewelry is succeeded by the ease with any customer can shop for that piece of Jewelry. 

Since then, the AI shopping interface has been included in the websites and shopping portals of many renowned Fine Jewelry Brands. This interface helps a prospective customer to view how a particular piece of Jewelry would look on them. You can choose from the custom designs available at a Jewelry Merchant's Site and try them on with the help of the AI interface and the Merchant's rendering system. The technology efficiently maps the positions of one’s face or hands to virtually place the jewelry on them to give you a feeling of you trying it out in front of a mirror.

Artificial Intelligence has also proven to be a highly efficient tool in the strenuous process of Diamond Grading. AI has mitigated the lack of depth perception a human eye has when grading diamonds till now. One of the main reasons for this is that AI provides a level of accuracy that is objective and devoid of any human biases. AI can be trusted to deliver improved and accurate analysis on a consistent basis as the tool only gets more intelligent with time and accumulation of data with regards to diamond grading and other aspects of Jewelry Designing.

All the technological advancements till date have aided and assisted in improving the process of fine jewelry creation. It was imminent that the industry of Fine Jewelry designing would identify the undeniable efficiency of AI and inculcate the same for producing awe-inspiring jewelry designs. The Fine Jewelry industry is finally in a comfortable zone with the idea of Artificial Intelligence working on the art form of creating jewelry which was considered to be based on creativity and imagination. We are currently witnessing a symbiotic connection of digital innovation and creativity that will only provide a competitive edge for the ever-booming Jewelry Industry. The thought is not completely automating the aspects of creativity to a digital workforce, but to amalgamate the constructive and productive aspects of Artificial Intelligence to eliminate the mundane and monotonous tasks and provide designers with the leverage to utilize the time and energy gained from the help of AI to identify and work on various other challenges that hinder the progress of the industry.

It is not just the Jewelry industry or other varied fashion sectors that have adopted AI as a resourceful tool, but the academic organizations and institutions are also keen on utilizing the technological marvel in to their world. Due to the unparalleled efficiency and flexibility provided by AI, the integration of the same in to the field of learning will drive a new era of improved and beneficial future. AI as a technological tool will hold invaluable potential in providing solutions to our challenges and further our opportunity in the world of designing. Artificial Intelligence can not to be termed as a passing fad as it has already revolutionized technological solutions across multitudes of sector, and Fine Jewelry design is experiencing a similar disruption caused by this amazing innovation. To conclude, I would say that we have to wait and watch the expanse and the impact of AI in the world of fashion, art, and design.