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AI and Android App Development

Make Enterprise Mobile App Smarter in 2019

AI and Android App Development

Wednesday May 15, 2019,

6 min Read

There are many emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that happens to really supplement our technological growth. These technologies have already shown us the way to building the next generation mobility solutions. As these technologies get their entrance into mainstream computing, enterprise app developers try to integrate these technologies and their features into their mainstream solutions for the business side of apps. Out of these technologies, AI has found its way into mobile app developments. Let's talk about the benefits of integrating these technologies into android application development services


Let’s have a look at the role of AI technology in developing Customized Mobile apps.


Statisca has predicted that the global market for Artificial Intelligence is expected to cross 17 billion USD until the end of the year 2020. This clearly shows the exponential growth that AI has had in the market share of AI technology since 2016. Today AI along with Machine Learning (ML) is useful for object identification, image recognition, and other revenue generating proportions. The enterprise mobile app solutions seem to integrate these features for making the App “More Intelligent”


The importance of AI in android application development services.

The search engine giant behemoth Google has already transformed its strategy from “Mobile First” to “AI first” and released its version of Google AI tools. Android Application developers can make full use of these tools and develop high-end-mobile-applications for corporate clients. In this article, we go through a few of the major factors that could take the android application development process to the next level.


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1) Face Detection


Nowadays, face detection is a technology which has been very prominent in upcoming smartphones. This is a technology that has been used in a variety of apps as a safety measure.

As the name suggests, face detection is all about how a person’s face can be identified and recorded in the format of digital images. Real-time face detection is absolutely necessary for surveillance purposes as well as for monitoring the movement of objects or persons. Both Android and iOS developers seem to use this feature to provide security in their applications. They both use and integrate this technology in the camera app for identifying the face in different frames. You can always hire Android or iOS developers to make the most usage of this feature in your apps.


One of the most popular social networking giants Facebook has used these features in their algorithms to detect the user’s faces in their pictures.

2) Image Labelling:

Android application development companies can use the image labeling feature to address various objectives. Developers can use the image labeling app to give interactive labels to any particular images. Using this technology, it makes labeling an image easy and can separate images according to various sections.


Image labeling can make the user experience much more interactive and the users feel more attached to their images and objects.


3) Landmark Detection:

Landmark detection is a unique feature that is used to identify point in the image for a particular landmark object. The system then records and compares to a stored list of landmark objects previously recorded. This technology is used for finding particular points in the 2D image.

Usually, landmark detection is an initial part of a major and complex research procedure.

Let’s take an example of a facial landmark detection, It is a part of an enhanced security process for making transactions or payment safer for the users.

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4) Text Recognition:

Text recognition is one of the most prominent features that has been used in Mobile app development. This is a two-way process used to first record text in image or video formats, second then compare the text being focused on with the previously recorded images in order to identify similarities. Here AI technologies break the text into various segments in order to recognize the broken text. It is a futuristic AI technology with a lot of potential for conducting modern businesses.


When you hire android app developers, the developers can use this feature for standalone app development or integrate it with a mobile app for an added feature. Right now many android app developers have used this feature to provide gamers with various tasks related to word choice.


5) ChatBots


This is one of the most revolutionary concepts in mobile app development. This consists of integrating an automated messaging client known as a chatbot for providing interactivity to users over the rendering of enterprise services to potential clients. Chatbots readily communicate with the real audience, gather data and provide improved customer services to the users on the move.

A mini Browser survey has revealed that Health care and Insurance companies are the most profitable to get the benefits of chatbots.


Chatbot eliminates the need to hire 24/7 customer care executives to provide your customers with an experience of human-like interaction. Chatbot development will become an integral part of android app development services in the future


6) Personalization:


A Personalized experience can help you get a lot of customer base. Tailoring the customer experience is possible by using personalization. AI offers predictive analytics that is based on the users choice and this enables the system to show recommendations in a personalized way.

The personalization feature can improve the user experience and more customers can remain connected with your business through an android app.


 In the coming days, we can certainly expect that the app personalization shall help businesses to excel in the heat of the growing competition. Facebook, Netflix has already started taking leveraging the benefits of personalization.


7) Smart Reply


We all have loved and appreciated the smarter version of GMAIL right. GMAIL has accomplished this task by incorporating AI and ML techniques together to bring out the feature that suggests words as you type in. Now the top android app development company can integrate this AI based feature into their business app. This can save a lot of time in correspondence or business communication

If you want to upgrade existing Android apps with this feature or want to make an app related to the business support forum or social media networking for business, you can take the help of experienced app developers.

AI together with ML can make the difference in developing apps for your business or customers.




We all have seen how AI is changing the world when it comes to developing Smart apps for business. Great business deal with understanding the customer's emotions and in response providing valuable solutions. This is what AI is set out to achieve.

If you’re wanting to develop smart apps for your business then we’re just a call away.

Our expert back end team can fully assist you to solve your business queries and help you to gain customers. If you’re wanting to hire android developers or looking to hire iOS developers then simply contact us.