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AI Chatbot in Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

Artificial Intelligence is compatible with our existing supply chain and logistic models.

AI Chatbot in Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

Thursday June 04, 2020,

6 min Read

Chat-bots, the new age customer support technology bots, are on the rise. Every now and then, you might acquaint yourself with a chat-bot app or a device. Agree?

Picture this — You need to look up for the top restaurants nearby but your hands are all dripping wet with mud, OK you aren’t mudding but gardening. Either you can get off and wash your hands or you could just use your device’s chat-bot to answer the same.

How The Rise of Conversational AI Will Impact The World | Data Driven Investor

Hey, Siri! Please find the top Italian restaurant near me!

Hi, Siri is looking for restaurants and they are...

The list pops up. Excellent, right?

In a nutshell, connecting and communicating seems a lot easier with computer-driven bots. And this is just one stance, there are plenty of chat-bot development services that aim to steer engagement and likewise, enhance business processes.

However, one of the sectors that are seen to inoculate chat-bot software development and corresponding services is the supply chain and logistics industry. However, they are being used in every important sector, such as retail and more. According to research, there has been a steady shift in the supply chain management processes given the onset of chat-bot development. Nearly every the industry is pacing towards the integration of automated conversations leveraging the demand of Chat-bot Development Company.

In a consensus put forward by Statista, the global market size of a chat-bot is expected to cross $ 1.25 billion by the end of 2025.

For few, this might appear a board of jumbled figures, but the real players acknowledge the importance and are ready to blend in their existing infrastructure with Chat-bot services. Having said that, it would not be of many surprises that the supply chain and logistics industry are now aiming to leverage the expertise of various chat-bot development company and gain a cutting edge in the ever-growing technological industry.

But why? Have you wondered what is it that necessitates or obligates the industry to alter their work culture and redesign it on the whole?

The why behind the what?

Supply chain and logistics are all about inventory management and transportation. Till date, every such event was driven manually which is both costly and time-consuming. Whirling around for years, the industry today is one the verge of disruption and for good. This is what we term as Chat-bot Revolution or the Conversational Bot Disruption.

  • Warehouses could automate the process of picking goods while streamlining the traditional method of finding goods based on trial and error basis. This in a way, enhances the overall proficiency of the system.
  • GPS integration of vehicles would help managers keep an eye on the delivery schedule and at the same time, stay informed on the fuel efficiency.
  • Integration of driver fewer vehicles and robots have the potential to save last-minute transportation costs.
  • Inbuilt IoT devices and corresponding sensors can track external conditions that might be fatal for the dispatched goods. For instance, if the items to be delivered are vulnerable to temperature changes, these sensors would send alerts and notify the concerned person in case of adverse conditions. This further reduces the possibility of loss and damage.

Whether you consider operations at the customer end of the management side, Chat-bot development is a boon to the industry.

How Chat-bots Affect Various Supply Chain Operations?

One of the most critical implications of chat-bot development is customer-company engagement. Bots have the extensive capability of reducing both front end and back end communication so as to promote task coordination and further, improve overall business operations.

Some of the real-time implications consist of:

Customer Order

  • Receiving orders from computers
  • Tracking order progress
  • Updating on the delayed or canceled orders
  • Aligning demand with supply to process orders in real-time

Warehouse Management

  • Keep track of inventory
  • Schedule delivery as per the request
  • Tracking order information
  • Updating warehouse locations

Fleet Information

  • Knowing about the vehicles in transit
  • Staying informed on the overall maintenance, idle or out of order.
  • Take the necessary steps in case vehicle breakdown.

Personal Information

  • Keep track of employee information

Advantages of Chat-bot Development Services in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Streamlining tasks and day to day activities through computer-driven bots, Chat-bot Development has hit the industry by storm. From booking tickets to tracking cargo, managing inventory to updating fleet information, having a chat-bot app takes the logistics and supply chain industry to the next level.

Additionally, the technology is backed by artificial intelligence, which further promotes conversations in real-time. Needless to state that such extent of automation would overcome the daunting challenge of the industry, which is nothing but to keep the user updated in real-time.

Keeping aside all theoretical verdicts, let’s see how to do the technology benefits the supply chain industry and how having a chat-bot app quicken the management process -

  • Improvise Productivity In Real-time: Considering the fact that Chat-bots can initiate customer conversations, gain insights about the issues, and further assist them as required, they are way better in coordination as compared to humans. Also, these are computer-generated bots and so available 24/7 — meaning that users no longer need to wait after putting up a request.

  • Leverage Customers Overall Experience

  • Manifest Automation: From picking up products to updating the software, scheduling delivery to notify on the breakdown, chat-bots cater to all. The industry no longer needs to employee human power to do all. Instead, employ smart bots which can perform the same tasks with higher precision in lesser possible time while reducing the possibility of error, which is higher in case of manually driven operations.

  • Improve Customer Engagement: Considering the fact that Chat-bots can initiate customer conversations, gain insights about the issues, and further assist them as required, they are way better in coordination as compared to humans. Also, these are computer-generated bots and so available 24/7 — meaning that users no longer need to wait after putting up a request.

  • Cost-Effective: One of the most important and eye-catching benefits of chat-bot development is the reduction in the overall cost of maintenance and operations. By replacing basic human work with chat-bot development services, managers can assign important tasks to employees, and likewise, save cost. Also, the fact that chat-bots notify on vehicle breakdown long before the event occurs cuts down damage cost.

Final Verdict

Having said all about chat-bots development, you too might decide to build a chat-bot for your business. These no longer stand as a fancy technology option but a necessity to stay abide by the industries’ standards and stay ahead in the competition.

There are plentiful of a chat-bot development company that would take the initiative to build one for you. So, instead of debating on why and what, go ahead, take the first step and schedule a session with any of the chat-bot development company. It’s better to be assisted right than to be guided wrong. Automate your workforce with chat-bot development services and give your business the much-needed shift. In the end, the choice is yours — staying stuck with problems or stepping over to use your problems as the reason for innovation.